Fruit that has amazing benefits for health

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Averrhoa bilimbi L or Bouh Limeng!

Explanation of Star Fruit Limeng

Starfruit Limeng or often called vegetable or in scientific language is called Averrhoa bilimbi L or also called acid starfruit is a type of tree that is thought to have originated in the Sumatran region of Aceh since the ocean kingdom of Pasai, even far before it has been seen and is often used by some people Aceh in ancient times
The fruit that is often used as a vegetable in Acehnese folk soup is one of the fruits that are well known to the people of Aceh in particular, when mothers cook food as a side dish for staple foods, of course this fruit is relied upon as a spice for any food that tastes very satisfying.


Because this fruit contains many benefits that it contains, in addition to having the benefit of neutralizing blood in the body, it also functions as a flavoring food. Scientifically and based on observations from Aceh's health experts, there are many ingredients that are beneficial to the health of the human body, among which the most well-known are:

NumberPlant partsContent in it
1Fruit and leafVitamin A,B,C
5LeavesVitamin B6 & calsium
6Fruits, Leaves, rootsContains other substances such as iron found in every part of the body of this plant
Characteristics of Star Fruit Limeng

When talking about it, there are so many ways people will describe the character, but if we explain morphologically starfruit Limeng is a small tree with a trunk that is not so big and has a diameter of 30 cm, exactly what you see in the picture.

This Limeng tree has a short main trunk, and sometimes has a bumpy, like low, and small branching that grows on each of its basic trunks. If you notice it in the picture, there is a bumpy or uneven texture of the trunk that has varied shapes. While on each leaf you will see this plant in the form of odd pinnate compound leaves with sizes of 21 to 45 pairs of saplings that grow thoroughly on the surface of the stem.
Each green-growing leaf stands neatly arranged which grows from the tip of the stalk and continues to mingle thoroughly in every one direction, making it look very organized and charming.
The personal observation is that the leaves have a body posture such as:

NumberInformationShape and size
1Limeng starfruit leavesshort
2LeavesOvoid to jorong
3Leavesflat tip, 2-10 cm long
4Leaves1-3 cm wide, green leaves and when it is old the color will turn yellow
Great benefits for health

As explained above, the Acehnese consume this fruit every day by cooking it together with fish which is often referred to as Keu'eung Tamarind Sauce, or vegetables such as Sour Sauce, Watery Vegetables, and all types of vegetables that have soup besides soup. The point is to consume it with daily staples.

When this fruit is mixed with other ingredients, the taste of the food will be more delicious and crispy so that it has become a tradition for the people to consume it.

This has become a daily staple in every breakfast day and night, because the people know that, this fruit has the following benefits:

Benefits are known and have been stated as accurate information by Aceh health experts

NumberDescription of objectVery good for healing
1FruitTo reduce weight
2LeavesNeutralize hypertension
3LeavesStabilize fat in the blood
4FruitMake bowel movements easier
5FruitPrevents heart disease and stroke
6FruitLaunching a collection of phlegm in the throat

One of the amazing things about this fruit is that it can thin out any new sticky phlegm in the inside of the throat but doesn't yet know whether any fat and phlegm that sticks to the lungs also dilute it, making the breath easier. If it can also be useful this means it becomes a finding for covid19. So do not be surprised that the people of Aceh when the corona virus hit not many were contaminated or attacked may be one of the causes with the food that is eaten every day containing this one fruit.

How to eat it

To consume this fruit is not difficult, because it can be mixed with other concentrated vegetables in the form of vegetables, and this has been done by every individual in Aceh for a long time. But if you take it raw just like that, it doesn't matter as long as you can swallow it, because this fruit has a very high sour taste. So based on the taste that has a high acidity, local people consume it by cooking it with other vegetables.

However, in recent months, or since the world hit Covid19, many local people, especially women, consumed the star fruit in a raw manner because the Acehnese believed that this content was the fruit of Virus Corona's anticipation.
Thus a brief review of this Limeng starfruit which contains lots of vitamins. Hopefully it will be useful for all of us and become a new observation material about health. Thank you very much.

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