Medicinal Herbs & Spices - Mentha suaveolens

in naturalmedicine •  10 days ago 

Mentha suaveolens - one of the most tasty teas you can make with this plant & mix it with other plants. Moroccans mix it with green tea & it called "Moroccan whiskey". Cold mint tea is one the best refreshing summer drinks. Goes well with fresh lemon juice & honey. Now is the season in Croatia but I firmly believe you can find it almost everywhere in the world now!


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We have a lovely cafe here in Chiang Mai, Thailand, that serves Moroccan tea in a beautiful old antique style Moroccan tea pot. And yes, it is Assam tea with mint. Yum.

I miss that sights from Morocco! But I make my own now in Croatia!

& would like to visit Thailand one day...