cooking Armillaria mellea/ Honey Fungus

This is Vittorio showing me how to expertly cook armillaria funghi, which he found a few mature specimens of in his garden today.
First, we cut the mushrooms, boiled them in salted water for around 10 mins, then drained the water off and rinsed them in fresh water.
We heated oil and fried a big clove of garlic in it... then took out the garlic.
Then we fried a few small tomatoes.
Then added the mushrooms to the tomatoes....
After frying a few mins cooking the mushrooms and tomatoes together, we added water, to not have the funghi stick to the pan, and to give them some more body. Cooked them for around 10-15 mins, stirring occasionally...

When they'd soaked up all the water, we took them off the heat, plated them up, and drizzled olive oil over them - we ate them alongside a beautiful spicy soup with potatoes and onions. Tremendous meal, full of flavour and wholesomeness 🤗.

Much love and good nourishment to you all,

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 last month 

I am a big lover of mushrooms and these look so good, always appreciating new ways in which to cook them, so thanks for sharing this xxx

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Thanks for commenting and for curating, dear @trucklife-family! Yes - it's important to know to boil these first, and throw away the water, as they might cause tummy upsets in some people. I think that with our modern diets, our stomachs have become allergic to nature in general, so I adore pushing the boundaries of my own exposure to natural things - it always feels good to enjoy a wide range if wild foods 😍🤩

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Pages from my mushroom books, on Honey fungus 😍


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So interesting how modern books interpret the usefulness of plants and funghi: I was thinking of how Vittorio has these growing in his garden on a dead tree, which is a boon, but this Roger Phillips book doesn't quite mention the deliciousness of them, and focusses instead on their pest nature.
The presumption that it's all about economic colonialism of nature, rather than about listening to Nature, and having a symbiotic relationship with Her.
Another example is modern mushroom books calling all magic/ sacred mushrooms 'poisonous' or even 'deadly poisonous', when in fact they're psychedelic and hallucination-supporting. It's such a part of our spiritual disempowerment, that we're told dumbed-down versions of Truth, to stop us from exploring, learning and being nourished further.
🙏🏻🍄 Fascinating and ironic, on the other hand,, that there's a 'Food and Drink' emoji here, of the fly agaric or amanita muscaria 😆


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