Little Bundles of Joy

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No, just because there's a global quarantine doesn't mean I have a special announcement to make about a tiny human arriving in nine months. I'm thinking this morning about the little minutiae of our days that bring us happiness. Everyone has something different. For me, for as long as I can remember, smells have brought me the simplest but most consistent pleasure of almost anything I can remember. I have eleven candles sitting on my bookshelf next to me as we speak, and rarely a day goes by without at least one of them getting burned. The scent I choose depends on my mood, but they never fail to bring nostalgia, and more importantly, joy.

It could be a snack food, a song, a flower, anything. If you can think of something that just always lifts your spirits, I'd love to hear it. They say a happy life is made up of the little things, and they just may be right.

"A Single Seed" is my attempt to get out one idea every day that I've learned or accumulated over the years, with the hope that it may stick in someone else's memory bank as well. The idea may be related to fitness, business, life, or philosophy, but I think you'll find that many can change domains if you wish them to. With each seed planted, a new life awaits.

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Curated for #naturalmedicine (by @porters) - Love your "ASingle Seed" initative sharing positive vibes! You may want to use the #hivevibes or #positivevibes tag as Natural Medicine has a Positive Vibes curation initiative happening! What brings me a lot of joy is exploring nature and nature photography - there is just something about the wonders of nature that totally enthrall me!
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Awesome, I just joined the Natural Medicine community from those links and look forward to learning/posting in there! Nature has such a powerful healing power, it truly is Natural Medicine. The word can be as big or small as we want it to as well; almost all of the foods that are nourishing for their body aren't made in labs, they're made in nature. We're so lucky to be passengers on this big blue ball called Earth.