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When you enter the world of content creation you can easily lose focus on what the original purposes of content creation are; to share ideas and to discover yourself through this process. Since the social media built on Steem is so explicit about the rewards, it’s really easy to begin focusing more than is necessary on this aspect and putting pressure on your creativity to produce more content that will have more rewards as a consequence.

I realized this was happening to me lately and came to the conclusion I was losing tons of energy and creative power due to it. So I decided to write for myself and to begin a little journal that is not intended to be published, where I write my needs and just get to know myself.

The journal has turned out to be a great tool for self-knowledge and find out things about myself that I usually shove into my subconscious. It has also helped me organize my day into satisfying a great variety of needs.

I turned on the TV for a while and it was transmitting a documentary about Jennifer Lopez, showing the human behind the character. For the first time, I realized the amount of work, effort, and dedication that went into her shows. I stopped seeing her as a product of capitalism and realized she was just another content creator, like the rest of us here. Of course, we are products of capitalism as well, the difference was how much she was willing to sacrifice for being “successful”.

By the way… “love don’t cost a thing”.

I thought about the effort put into entertaining. It made me think on my desire to put more effort into my content for Steem (or Tron? since we are becoming part of their network). “She’s the same as me, except she went all the way to entertain those with big wallets”, I said to myself.


Why’s this relevant?

As I watched the documentary I thought about how far I would be willing to go to make a lot of money through my content and receive more attention. And the answer was that I wouldn’t be willing to do much more than what I am currently doing!

There are other things that are incredibly necessary for me! To be close to Nature, for example, is a huge need. To feel that I am attending to the present and not thinking excessively of the future or past. To feel that my body is stretched out and the energy flowing well inside.

Having a great day is more important to me than having a productive day, and this means to have a balanced and diverse time, covering many areas of who I am. The curious thing is the better day I have, the more I produce! Today I dedicated myself mainly to my well being and ended up recording three videos and writing a lot. Is it all worth publishing? Maybe not, but it certainly is an important part of my growth and further developing my own voice.

I also worked a lot on the garden, composting, the healing circle project and had enough time to do exercise, stretch out, drink wine, breath deeply, and overall feel great.

Even cooked a purslane and pigweed stew. These are wild plants I forage where I live and are delicious.

My conclusion is that if you want to truly enjoy content creation you should focus on enhancing your energy and well being, rather than thinking about what could you create to increase your daily rewards.

Lots of cool things coming up, no need to sweat it!

“No matter how challenging your journey in Life is, you will live, you will love, you will dance again”. Jenny said it and it sounded legit.

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I really needed this. Since I started using steemit actively and that’s like over a week ago, I find myself constantly thinking about that next post that would generate more votes or followers. There’s a lot of pressure especially for us the new comers. But I think I finally understand that it’s way better to focus less on the gains and more on interacting with new people and just enjoy the community. This also applies to other aspects of my life too.

I'm so glad this helped you! Yes, just keep going and don't overwhelm yourself. There's just no easy way to make it big here. Some of my posts with the highest rewards just surprised me because they weren't what I would consider my best.

Now, if you want to make money I would say write about crypto, investing, making money and new projects. Do all this and use the #steemleo tag. I think that's where the big money's at.

But if you're into other stuff that are not so lucrative then just keep at it. The community WILL support you if you are perseverant ;)

Thanks for reading!

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