These tomatoes made my day

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Was having a walk around the garden today and realized there were some pretty big tomatoes growing in the back. Coming from a colder region, I had never seen tomatoes this big.

These were grown 100% organic, only compost and mulch were used.


I love how organic tomatoes are never "perfectly round", but rather with a lineout that always has some unique trait.

Pretty heavy as well.

I shouldn't eat this one alone, it must be shared

I did the best I could taking pictures from my notebook, and I think they're not that bad considering I had way less faith in the notebook's camera.

You gotta be grateful to Earth for such beautiful gifts.

Cover image edited with Deep Dream Generator

Cover image edited with Deep Dream Generator

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Te quedaron bien las fotografías


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I love these kind of tomatoes! They remind me of summers in France, as well as my time living in Spain. We also have them in Portugal.

I think you can get them at some places in The Netherlands too but most greenhouse tomatoes in the country where I grew up are indeed 'perfectly' round, red and watery.

Enjoy the taste. Amazing in salad or in huge chunks in your (pasta) sauce.

Amazing in salad or in huge chunks in your (pasta) sauce.

Salad would be healthy but the huge chunks in the pasta sauce kind of made my mouth water.

Portugal sounds so foreign to me, never been there. I tend to imagine some port at the beginnings of the industrial revolution lol. Someday I'll go and see it with my own eyes!