United We Stand, Divided We Fall...10/10/2020: Climate's Day of Destiny

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I know that many of us are watching in horror as the Earth is quickly reaching the point of no return for human life on the planet. We are in the middle of a mass extinction, we have a serious climate crisis, and life on Mother Earth is changing quickly and drastically to the detriment of all the kingdoms. As a parent I have cried, I have screamed, I have agonized over the mess our children are inheriting. As a human I am full of anger and despair as I watch others of my species choose greed and power over life and respect.

I remember when I heard Stephen Hawking say what I had been dreading for years ~ that without significant change, human extinction is likely within 100 years. It was one thing when that was my guess, and another when someone like him said it out loud into the world.

It's hard some days to think we aren't already past the point of no return. My homeschool kids founded their own environmental group and have taken up the torch of action to stand up and demand justice and inspire change, as have millions of youth around the world. Many of my fellow steemians are also consciously taking action to heal the earth in our own ways, in our own local "corners of the globe".

I love to watch inspirational speeches and videos, and recently I was looking for a new TedTalks to watch. What I found was an hour long video that for the first time in a long time gave me hope that we just might have a chance at something great, something that will reverse the damage and transition us from a species of destruction to a species of greatness.

Ted has launched a huge campaign that will lead up to October 10, 2020. That's 10/10/2020 ~ an easy date to remember. It's Climate's Day of Destiny and folks around the world will be joining together to become potent agents of change. There are MANY different "movers and shakers" already on board, and every human is invited to participate.

The basic premise is this (the following is from me taking notes during the video):

Despite the Paris Agreement, despite all the talk about climate change, emissions are continuing to rise. Currently we are producing 55 GIGATONS per year. The goals of the Paris agreement, which were to limit the rise in temperature to 1.5 degrees Celsius, is no longer a valid goal. We must decrease emissions to 1/2 of what they currently are by 2030, and continue to decrease them in order to reach net zero by 2050.

This sounds like a very impossible thing, right? Well, it is not. We have all the solutions to meet this goal, but it requires bold actions and dedication to working together as a human family.

There are 5 areas to tackle in order to meet net zero by 2050.

  1. Power. How rapidly can we move to 100% clean energy?
  2. Built Environment. How can we re-engineer the stuff that surrounds us?
  3. Transport. How do we transform the ways we move?
  4. Food. How can we spark a worldwide shift to healthier food systems?
  5. Nature. How extensively can we re-green the earth?

We have an opportunity here ~ each and every one of us ~ to co-create a future that will be remembered for countless generations. Will you join us?

There is already a huge list of accomplished and/or well-known folks on board with this initiative.

For example, Hiro Mizuno, who is in charge of Japan's pension funds, which is the largest single investment fund in the world, has analyzed their trillion dollar + investment portfolios to see how it aligned with the Paris Agreement. He has committed to adjusting their investments to support the new net-zero goals.

There are television celebrities, philanthropists, scientists, religious figures, youth organizers, chief executive officers, politicians, and so many more that are backing this movement ~ and that was just the partial list I saw in late December. If we can help it spread by participating in whatever capacity we have, then we can achieve this goal.

Everything is leading up to the 10/10/2020 date, where there will be things happening all over the globe. There is also a huge conference in Norway 10/6 - 10/9 as we prepare for our date with destiny.

We have the tools, We have the skills, we have the ability. The time is now. Please take my hand, walk with me, let's find a way to make this a reality.

Here's the actual website for this beacon of light in humanity's darkest hour:

Check it out, sign up for updates, educate yourself, participate, and tell anyone you know that lives on Earth. We must stand united, or divided we will fall ... into an abyss of no return.

Also, if you have direct, bold initiatives or organizations you can bring on board, you can email Chris Anderson, the founder of TedTalks: Chris@ted.com

Thanks for reading!!


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This sounds like a positive initiative. It seems apparent that the present political systems in most capitalist countries work to push back such efforts with things like corporate welfare for oil companies while not as much support for clean and green solutions. It seems even more obvious when the fracking of oil and gas in the US is actually loosing money, yet folks like the Kosh Brother(s) keep doubling down in the hopes that creating chaos in the middle east will bring the price up to make production profitable.

One person who is definitely thinking outside of the box, politically ,is Yanis Varoufakis and his new borderless political party DiEM25. As a retired homeschooler, myself, my thought was you may be interested in using a talk of his as homeschooling content. It would be interesting to hear what young people think about how to get to post-capitalism. 🖖

Thanks for the information and link @novacadian! I will definitely check it out. I am always looking for ways to educate my @steemagers on the reality of what's going on in the world and realistic solutions to current issues. With so much deceit and propaganda in the mainstream media, and with the shitshow of politics (especially here in the United States), it takes a lot of effort and conscious conversation to keep informed and be able to participate in ventures that are helping bring humans out of this muck we've created. <3

You may want to check out his political party's DiEM25.org website. They are attempting to be member driven instead of country centric. For example when Greece has its party convention any member in any country can vote on the platform being put forward. An idea like that could be profound in breaking up central authority's corrupt hold in most sovereign nations.

Anywho... sent a small delegation to bump you up to minnow in case you don't have access to a voting sliding bar yet. The best minnow perk in my estimation. ✌️😎

Positive initiatives on a global scale? Yes please! More please!! First I have heard of this and am not a big TED watcher or fan. But LOVING the mobilization, LOVING the passion and hoping you're going to be keeping us very much in the loop.

Not a huge fan of the chicken little fear factor.... but yes, we are in a time of drastic planetary change. Calm, united action & clear goals. THAT works much better than panic and desperation.

Looking forward to your next update.

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Well said. This is a topic whether we want to talk about it or not needs to talked about and acted upon. @tryskele

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