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Well I am another day closer to my puppy dog and that makes me happy the more that I can just relax means the closer I get to that day that I get puppy snuggles. And I definitely am looking forward to puppy snuggles quite a great deal.

Having puppy is a huge handful however I think I am going to be extremely well prepared managing this situation and crazy time.

Puppies are definitely a handful but this is most impressionable time in their lives. At this point I can desensitize them and train them into amazing dogs, or turn them into reactive and fearful dogs.

As I said this is the greatest part especially if you know what you're doing with the training.

The last time I had puppies they were fully trained at 8 weeks old.

So this definitely makes things super exciting for me to finally get puppy dog time all to myself.

And best part is that winter is around the corner so that means the bond and connection during winter my dog is especially going to see the utility practicality and assistation of snuggling and enhancing that Bond with his owner.

Especially the fact when he is going to be constantly at my side.

So this definitely is an extremely helpful opportunity for me to take advantage of in the middle of our training.

Now the puppy has no idea that I'm setting all of this up for maximizing our chances to bond.

But realistically I should take advantage of each one of these opportunities and compound my chances for success.

Have a feeling that the primary post-traumatic stress alert training will be something that is super easy for him to pick up. dogs just have a great way of being able to sense this and their natural response pretty much assures that this training will be effective.

although it is only if the dog cares about its owner and is bonded to its owner. The stronger the bond the more attentive the dog will be for a PTSD alert.

Mobility training for a dog teaching him how to be physically helpful is something that will take time but is not impossible.

Let alone boundary training as well as good citizenship training for my dog.

When all of these have been put together I'm going to be the luckiest puppy Papa ever.

Let alone having the time I'm also going to be having quite a bit of time healing. So the next one is going to put a smile on my face.

Not super excited about oral surgery however getting a chance do you have such an amazing puppy dog in my life is not going to be squandered.

I know it's going to be pretty rough dealing with the wild puppy dog.

However I am looking forward to this with all my heart.

Just having questions about naming my puppy dog and the American kennel club or AKC dog registration.

Well we will get all this figured out here pretty quick. And this makes me happy.

Puppy dog forever!!!!