My Herbal Cures for Kidney Stones (@naturalmedicine's Herb Challenge)

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Greetings, Everyone
I hope I still have time to enter the challenge. (details here:
I have not felt very well today. The antibiotics may be taking a toll on me.

My Miraculous Herb: Oregano Orejón (Big-eared Oregano) /Plectranthus amboinicus/

As you know from my previous post, I passed a kidney stone a couple of days ago. It was preficed by a very painful night. Kidney stones can be a tricky business. Some people never deal with them in their whole life, some (like my father) have a random incident that never repeats itself, others, like myself, have kidnesy that will be prone to producing stones of different kinds.
My stones are mostly made of calcium oxalate

Oxalate is a natural substance found in many foods. Your body uses food for energy. After your body uses what it needs, waste products travel through the bloodstream to the kidneys and are removed through urine. Urine has various wastes in it. If there is too much waste in too little liquid, crystals can begin to form. These crystals may stick together and form a solid mass (a kidney stone). Oxalate is one type of substance that can form crystals in the urine. This can happen if there is too much oxalate, too little liquid, and the oxalate “sticks” to calcium while urine is being made by the kidneys.


This means that everything high in calcium, sugar, or sodium is really bad for me and contributes to the formation of oxalate crystals in my kidneys with the subsequent painful consequences.
Unfortunatelly, given our poor diet and meager resources, we have to eat what we can find and afford. Cheese and eggs, for instance are among the cheapest foods we can get now.
In any case, Oregano Orejón has helped me control the production of stones in my kidneys for years. I have been suffering this ilness since I was 12 yers old.
When I pay attention to the signs of my body and can anticipate that possible stones are forming in my kidneys, I start drinking oregano water. Also, when it is too late and the stone is already causing pain, the oregano water speeds up the passing of the stones.

It is a simple concoction that for my parents' generation was prepared by "the eye-percentage", which means that no precise measures were given. My mother would get about half a liter of water and add a bunch of leaves. She would let them boil and then cool off. She would put it in the refrigerator and that would be the water I'd drink all day for at least 3 days.
Oregano has diuretic qualities, can help burn fat, etc., but they can also cause blood pressure problems to people who already suffers of high/low blood pressure. Thus, it must be used cautiously and stopped at any negative signed. It should not be drunk by prolongued periods (say, more than two weeks).

I'd say some 150gm/10 leaves per litter of water is a safe proportion. It is not a terrible taste, but if it taste too strong, just add more water.

Another Ally: Auyama (pumpkin) /Cucurbita maxima/


My wife says this has been the real helper in the two last occasions stones have poped out. For kidney stones most people recommend to leave a piece of auyama exposed to the night dew and eat it next day. We just boil its pulp, seeds included. Again, no specific proportions given (eye-percentage). After it boils and cools off, we put it in a blender, rinse it through a cotton cloth and the resulting, slightly yellow water is the water to drink all day.
It taste better than oregano (does not mean it taste good) and it feels really refreshing. Auyama water helps break the stones into passable pieces and it prevents infections.

Thanks for your visit. I hope you never have to fight kidkey stones, but if they bother you, oregano orejón and auyama can help.

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It is amazing to see how such simple plants can contribute to healing in the body! I wish you much healing energy as you recover from this ordeal and continue to survive in the conditions in your home country. 💚

Thank you very much, @plantstoplanks. It is ironic that even though I grew up in a rural environment, surrounded by herbal wisdom, we never build an articulated body of information about home remedies. I am gladly impressed at what I have seen here on Steemit with all the communities that live for plants and nature and document and share all the benefits that we can get from it

I hope this clears up soon @hlezama, drink plenty of water. 🙏

Thanks, man. I do. Only problem, the water we consume is not asclean as it should be


Fascinating. Of course, it makes sense. Eating anything unavoidably triggers a cascade of chemical reactions. While Western medicine often dismisses traditional medicine as voodoo, I don't. Some of the world's most potent biochemicals are simple plant extracts.

How people in the pre-modern era figured out that oregano could help with kidney stones though ... well, that's a mystery unto itself.

But they did. Today's most effective malarial drug is directly derived from ancient Chinese medical texts, including the procedure about how best to extract it from the plant (which contradicts modern methodologies which tends to ruin it). During the Vietnam War, the Chinese government made such drug a military secret. As a result, the Viet Cong had much more effective malarial treatments than did the Americans.


Absolutely 🙏

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So sorry to hear you've been dealing with kidney stones for so many years, @hlezama. Those both sound like excellent home remedies though, and I love the phrase "the eye-percentage" (which is how I measure things sometimes I hope things get better for you soon, and thank you for sharing these helpful homemade aides. Bright blessings to you and yours.

Thanks, @traciyork. Blessings to your family too