I Accessed the Akashic Records Today Using Linda Howe's Book and This Is What I got:

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I said the Sacred Prayer according to this book, and then opened my notebook and put pen to paper:

Humans confusion of where they come from - a blend of hominid and alien perpetuates their confusion of purpose – not knowing humanity’s true origins is what cause humanity to be unable to stand on it’s Truth – just as not understanding the exact nature of an illness makes you unable to apply the solution –

Human beings wander toward extinction because they do not know from whence they came as a species. They have a poisoned world view because they were “created” and “tampered with “ by aliens with a dark agenda – then they were released as this alien-human hybrid upon the world. They were given a thirst for meat although they were originally herbivores. They were taught to breed domestic animals for food although that act was to violate the Law of Correspondence and guaranty their slavery. They were taught a monetary system which fostered competition and distanced them further from their animal brothers and sisters.

Humanity is confused because not only do they not know themselves as creatures of the stars, they also do not understand that their human bodies were created – that not having hair or fur to protect themselves from the elements makes them unable to trust Nature. They subconsciously do not trust God because it seems to them that God did not provide them with adequate abilities to survive, so they want to make authorities out of other men and make man’s law true -

What humanity does not realize is that these very creatures that “tampered” with the hominid and “created” them – Rule them through humans with more alien DNA . That is the sinister origins of humanity. God, the Creator did not create the human being but the human being was created by the alien race – and it is they that have set all that is happening in motion millennia ago. Humans are free IF they recognize their animal nature.

Recognize God, the Creator as their Creator and denounce the Judeo-Christian fables as their origins and instead come under Natural Law as Free Beings intending to live in small tribes in alignment with Nature seeking as the Native Americans did for their purpose through vision quests – respecting their brothers and sisters animals rights to LIVE and let live.

Not many humans want the true knowledge. The Truth – in this case not too many humans are seeking. Perhaps more now as their man-laws are coming to a strangle hold are they now seeking to understand the system which holds them in chains but are those very people willing to go all the way with their Truth seeking? Or do they just want their creature comforts restored?

The latter, we fear – the Truth is far too terrifying a proposition to face.

These Annunaki have humanity imprisoned in a hypercube of petroleum- the earth’s blood – so they can continue to feed upon the children of humanity and to place a cloak of cruelty and pain over the earth. Humanity must come out their mind controlled state one by one – and that will require that all of humanity be in chains - the lowest common denominator.

It is the requirement for the lightworkers to understand this -

They must spend every waking moment in raised vibration. They must tell this Truth to each other and not fall prey to ideas of personal gain.

They must not fall prey to the language of the “pandemic”. There is no pandemic – this is all the long range goal of the Dark Occultists to further enslave humanity and they are succeeding.

Using your gifts for personall gain right now is incorrect. You lightworkers must awaken and lead humanity to awaken using Etherian forces to do so.

Personal Gain is described not only as "for money", but also for prestige, by not speaking the truth about the fakery being perpetrated by this "plandemic", as some of you have coined the term, for community - acknowledging the "pandemic" as real.

Cast away your care about looking good and sounding politically correct and instead - get together in groups face-to-face -share food, share space, be real with one another and do not follow the ridiculous mandates of your governments -

If this thing were "real" you would have to wear something more ordered than "any face-covering" that would have to be disposed of in a specific way and you would have to wear a lot more than that - this is social conditioning toward increased slavery - do not fall for this nor use it's terminology. Do not use the words being put forth by the media. Do not perpetuate the sigils being put forth. Do not call "it" "the pandemic". Do not use their terms. Invent your own and laugh at it for the farce that it is - the Emporer's new clothes.

You are in a spiritual war! Be the human animal and stand strong in that.

Because your strength is not in number you will have to rise above in Vibration. As above so below – as within so without to conquer

Like a giant ant colony (are humanity enslaved)... you must rise before it – and produce an environment around it that (the ants) cannot survive within.

You must stop telling yourselves that humanity is shifting – Humanity on the whole are asleep – you, the semi-awakened ones must step out of the egoic monetary system and foster helping others for fun and for free as your modis operandi. 10% of the people do 90% of the work – and you are being called.

We tire of seeing the people being coddled in their ideas about social distancing and masks and a pandemic when ample information has been released informing of the Truth – viruses are not alive. They were invented – all this is a sinister plan and it must be stopped using the Laws. The Kybalion

They are using the Laws to accelerate slavery and you must use the Laws to accelerate Liberty.

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I was just taking about this with a friend of mine, how we must not focus our energy on this plan of theirs and instead focus on raising our vibrational energy, by coming together and being expressive and creative. Thank you for sharing this important message, we really need to remember our power.
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You are quite welcome! I will continue to share these as I do them, anonymizing the information, of course, but it is useful for all of us, I believe.

The Kybalion is key to be able to see how the Truth is twisted.

what do you mean by that? please, give me an example.

oh I see what you mean now - I just misread the comment but yes - you see the Truth twisted constantly by the way the Laws are violated in society.