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I replied to this post

and then decided to write an extended post about working with Nature Spirits. I am re-reading books about them again, which I downloaded from - all free pdfs and epubs.


At our property, which is windy prairie...we began seeing a pair of Mountain Bluebirds... they seem to be welcoming us home because they are living somewhere near where we are building our house. When I was there last week in the camper. I saw the male about 2 feet from the window and the female below in the soon to be driveway. They just hung around the camper the whole time I was there.


One time when I went out there early on, I did a 4-point coning and called in Pan and others in consultation and out of nowhere, a humming bird flew up to my head for one quick second and was gone.

There are no flowers save cactus flowers nearby.

Although I have absolutely no experience with a large scale project, I look forward in our homesteading project, to using the techniques I have found from reading and applying the works of Machaelle Small-Wright from Perelandria, and Theresa Crabtree - working with Nature Spirits.

Behaving As If The God In All Life Matters was the first book I read of Machaelle Small-Wright back in the 80s that led me to the other works.

This work originated at Findhorn Garden and the work of Robert Ogilvie Crombie, Whenever I have done this, I have been successful using alternative methods such as prayer and communication with Nature Spirits:

These booklets are free: and from this page

This work has been amazingly helpful in "working with a squirrel in the garage",which came about as a result of my boyfriend saying he was going to poison it - and me saying - hey lemme try this first...


"working to move prairie dogs along so we did not have to shoot them" because their holes will break the cows ankles. I did a 4-point coning session and laid out the situation for the Nature Spirits - and later we saw


a large badger had taken up residence in the field. His den was directly across from our larger storage building. Having the badger diminished the amount of prairie dogs. Of course, Kent is now concerned about the badger regarding his dogs but I told him, we will just ask the Nature Spirits to solve that situation when the time comes.


When he was about to start digging the foundation, Kent mentioned being concerned that rattle snakes are living in the concrete block patio outside the well house. I did a 4-point coning session "asking rattle snakes and wasps to move before we dug out what may have been their homes" - and voi-la - no encounter with anybody during the diggout.

Nature is just waiting for us to ask Her help but instead we just barge in and put in gardens - gardens are not a part of Nature - as is explained in these ideas brought forth by Machaelle but we can work with Nature to have amazing gardens that do cooperate fully with Nature not against Her- the way they did at Findhorn - by accident - in the early 60s.

Other books I have read are The Magic of Findhorn, by Paul Hawken and other books by other early members.

I have used the M.A.P. guide also successfully. I am sure that this has helped me with my Auragraphs and Oracle Readings. This is the way I hope to go when we move to our property.

As things get weirder and scarier here in the virtual reality of man's Earth, I yearn more and more for a strong connection with Nature.

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Hello @in2itiveart, this is @notconvinced on behalf of Natural Medicine.

Interesting concepts and thanks for all the resources.😀


Discord II Community**

Such an interesting perspective. Your links led me to the website, and now I am reading the excerpt for the Perelandra Garden Workbook.

This PKTT phenomenon/ability mentioned reminds me of the soul telepathic abilities the children developed in the Madeleine L'Engle books. They would transcend reality to gain divine knowledge from different elements of the universe.

The crazy witches in the story spoke in puzzles that sounded like nonsense. They did not do this to confuse people, only because they were doing the best to communicate in the only fashion they knew how. Sometimes asking the right questions were the key to learning the way to truth.

Oh yea - A Wrinkle In Time !! I think about that book all the time because I feel it happening to us - the teseract, the brain, the children not playing in the streets - but yea in regards to Nature Spirits - too true as well. I just spent the day reading "Encounters with Nature Spirits" by Robert Ogilvie Crombie on pdf - and talking to the wild amaranth in my back yard... -

It looks like you have moved to a powerful place!

not quite yet - but soon maybe - hopefully by fall - but still have to get things built first - it gets pretty darn cold out their in the winter.

Hi @in2itiveart I'm one of Hive's many project curators and I really wanted to submit your interesting post for a decent upvote but unfortunately you have illustrated it with stock images, that are not free to use.
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Better still, make your own pictures wherever possible

oh bummer - I did not know that - I thought that by using the URL to post the images I was doing it the right way - but I can just replace. Thank you for letting me know - I changed the images. Thanks. i will make sure to post another post regarding this topic that maybe you can repost @nikv