Meat is murder

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If there is one thing I find more tragic than meat eating, it is vegetarians who go back to eating animals. I stand up for those who cannot. I am their voice. Do you like to be killed? Do you feel the pain and fear if someone tries to kill you? Are animals not warm-blooded, pain-suffering creatures that want to LIVE?
Do you love your little cats and dogs and feel distressed when they suffer? So what’s the difference between a cat and a cow? There is no difference. They have the same nervous system. They are feeling, sentient creatures that love their own young and love life and want to live. How do you feel about murdering them? Hey?

Murdering, ignorant, violent abusers, that’s you animal killers! Murdering the helpless, harmless, weak animals that you should be protecting. Have you lost your mind, your compassion, your sanity? Yes you have! Murderers.
We are meant to protect the poor and helpless, well I am doing that here in this post. I am speaking up for the screaming crying cows, sheep, deer, pigs and all the other sentient, warm-blooded creatures that don’t want to be murdered by you. STOP YOUR MURDER, I BEG YOU.
My photos from a nearby farm 10 mins from my house

Please grow a pair... of conscience. Get real. Feel the pain that you are causing to the ones that you kill. Or do you get your butcher to murder them for you and just eat their flesh? Ignorance is not an excuse. It’s common sense guys, animals want to live, like you and I. Perhaps you lack the compassion due to your improper upbringing, poor education, uncontrolled senses, selfishness, or whatever. But you are intelligent enough to read this so you are fully equipped to use your intelligence and your common sense to comprehend what is pain and what is death, and I bet you don’t like them. Well neither do the other creatures.

They cannot speak up, they have no voice, they are imprisoned by their cattle farmer, and sold into murder for his profit. He will pay. But for now you – the eater of murdered animal body, please stop this violence to me, to my brothers and sisters, to your fellow sentient creatures. You cause me pain.

I am the voice of the voiceless. Perhaps you lack the compassion gene that comes with my particular blood type, the rarest blood type on the planet. Well I am here to tell you savages that you are committing violence of an unimaginably horrific kind. You need to stop your violence. I’m over 50 years old and have not eaten meat for over 30 years, and am just fine, fit and well, seldom even a flu, so you have zero excuse. I have lived in India, a civilization with some of the best science, and philosophy in the world, and they have been vegetarian for millennia, and they are fine. So no excuse.

You lost the plot somewhere, someone brainwashed you in a sick way. You now think it’s ok to be a killer of weak and innocent harmless creatures. It’s a shame. I will write about your abuse and tell the world. I will haunt you until you come right. I will educate you for your own good. You violent criminal. I am the protector of these creatures, they walk around outside my house in the field, all day peacefully grazing, and I will speak up for them.

You have not heard the last from me. As long as there is still one murderer of the weak and defenseless, one eater of the flesh of murdered souls for personal sense gratification, I will call you out and show you up for what you are. Get a reality check. How do you like to be corralled and see you children taken to be murdered, while you wait for your turn, smelling the fear and panic of those in line before you?
There is no such thing as ethical meat or ethical animal killing. Murder is murder, pain is pain, death is death, and meat is murder. Now you know.

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I approve of this plant-based posts.
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Interesting article.

What's your opinion regarding cultured meat?

Do you think we can label it as ethical meat since no killing was done?


Dr I'm not sure what's going on in your labs nowadays regarding cultured meat, but if no one was harmed during the process then it is meat in principle, but not from slaughtered animal. You might call it "feat" or fake meat. So it falls into a different category presumably.

Thanks for showing the alternatives.

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Life is an act of war. The extraordinary complexity and beauty of life on Earth is the product of total war. The victors eat the losers. End predation, and you will end life.

That's the only way to end predation.

As the Vedas say, one living entity is food for another. Yes life is fed by death, most of the time. Predatory animals are natural and not my concern. It's the human behavior that could adjust to vegetarian without ending life on earth.

Making humanity unnatural is a horrible goal, and will certainly cause great harm to all living things. We are a powerful force in nature, and the right thing to do is to ensure we impact living things naturally, because that's what nature has evolved to benefit from.

I am not confident that doing so will not end life on Earth any more than I am confident we can prevent life on Earth from ending. The Earth will be swallowed up by the sun, in due time. The only way terrestrial life - the only life we know of - can survive is if we export it off Earth.

To do this we need to well understand and design ecosystems that can be sustainable in artificially created or managed environements, and we are better able to do that by assuming our natural role as omnivores in ecosystems.

The fact is that we are predatory animals, and forcing unnatural behaviours on such an influential part of the natural world is far more likely to harm than to prevent harm, particularly given our enormous nescience regarding nature, biological complexity, and our own consciousness. It is hubris to suggest we know enough to safely alter our impact on nature so dramatically.

Though I m not a vegetarian and maybe never will be. But you write it well.

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Thanks friend, from the heart in this regard. Watch out for part 2 tomorrow.

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I have not eaten meat in 26 years since stopping in my teens, I totally understand what you are saying and I wish more people would see the meat industry for what it is. It is such a touchy subject though. I also can not understand the reasoning that people have for eating meat. Thank you for speaking up for the millions of animals killed each year x

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Thanks @trucklife-family I appreciate your affirmation. I may come across a bit strong in this post but it is my heartfelt opinion. I cant' let the abuse go on and say nothing.