How ‘natural’ applies to ‘health’ & ‘medicine’ - The NaturalMedicine Manifesto Part 8

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An exploration of an emergent ethos

In this series of posts, we will explain the ground from which emerges the values and ethos that drives and sustains the NaturalMedicine community on Steem. This is the basis on which choices are made for creating and curating #naturalmedicine content. It draws on the models found in natural systems to create and establish creative, thriving, sustainable communities. As a whole, it forms a manifesto that the community draws on for inspiration, discussion, and inter-personal discovery.

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First, we looked at what we meant by both the terms ‘natural’ and ‘medicine’.

In Part 1 we mentioned that within a Systems-Theory/Holistic framework, ‘medicine’ can signify anything which has “the capacity to assist an individual prevent and/or treat disease and illness.”

In Part 2 we stated that ‘natural’ refers to anything which can be found to come from or occur in the natural world. There are some problems with the definition, and knowing precisely at what point something ceases to be natural is always going to be somewhat contentious, depending on your point of view, your biases, and your vested interest.

In this context, we often comes across the terms ‘holistic health’ alongside ‘natural medicine’. It is commonly understood that ‘medicine’ refers to an intervention of some sort when one seeks treatment for an existing illness/disease. Conversely, when the word ‘health’ is used to refer to a state of being that is not ill or diseased, and so ‘holistic health practices’ are those with a focus on prevention, rather than treatment.

The idea of Holism is that good health focuses on the whole being, not simply one aspect. Whereas modern medicine would prescribe a specific drug to target the problem, holistic medicine would do this and also find the root of the problem and prevent it from continuing to cause problems, once treatment has finished. Holistic thinking involves an element of systems-thinking, because it presupposes that multiple physiological systems are either involved and/or affected by the specific illness being treated.

Holism presupposes that preventing illness and disease requires the ‘whole system’ to be healthy, and that this can only happen if the parts of the system interact and perform ‘naturally’. This requires interventions or practices that promote a ‘natural state of being’.

From here we can understand that ‘natural medicine’ as a treatment can be any naturally occurring therapeutic substance, activity, or intervention that helps to prevent and/or treat disease and illness.

Further to this, a ‘natural medicine’ as a preventative measure is that which can assist in empowering an individual to enter into their own natural state of being, for the purpose of bringing health to the whole system of inter-related parts. In other words, what intervention can be made to enable the individual to return to their natural state, where the whole system functions effectively and all parts of that system function efficiently.

In the next post, we will examine this idea further by exploring the 5 Fields of Natural Health, how they interact and effect us, and the ‘natural medicines’ used in each of the fields.

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