Natural Systems As Models For Creative Endeavours - The NaturalMedicine Manifesto Part 7

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An exploration of an emergent ethos

In this series of posts, we will explain the ground from which emerges the values and ethos that drives and sustains the NaturalMedicine community on Steem. This is the basis on which choices are made for creating and curating #naturalmedicine content. It draws on the models found in natural systems to create and establish creative, thriving, sustainable communities. As a whole, it forms a manifesto that the community draws on for inspiration, discussion, and inter-personal discovery.


If you haven’t read Part 6 Natural systems — natural systems as models for human communities we invite you now to read that first. Otherwise, please continue …

In the previous post we considered the idea that human communities could be (re)built along the principles of natural systems, which includes cybernetic self-regulation depending on the parts to all engage and participate in the process of feedback, transactions, and homeostasis.

In this post we will consider the idea that the process and act of creativity can also follow such natural principles.

There is no shortage of posts you can find on Steem, Medium, Facebook, and elsewhere that all provide advice on how to create social media content and use it to make a living or build a following. The advice is all the same: you need to be posting anywhere from one to five times daily, and be following as many as you can, comment on as many posts as you can and engage, engage, engage.

While this is achievable for anyone who is a professional writer, the chances of anyone seriously making a decent income for such activities is minimal. Keep in mind, that those who are successful are producing high-quality content that many, many people all like and find value in. When you critically analyse the content of these successful people, it is not so much the frequency of what they produce, but the quality of it. Masses of readers like, upvote, and engage with the content because it is relatable, interesting, and of high calibre. The videos that get millions of views are the ones that have been filmed and edited expertly; they are polished productions even when home-made.

The inimitable 💩posts we all know and love to hate may get reach, but often without the payouts, and definitely without the following.

There is an old Taoist saying that goes something like, “nature is unhurried yet accomplishes everything”. The idea is that nature always seems to get it right, even when it gets it wrong. As we read in a previous post nature isn’t obsessed with time in the same way humans are. The giant Mountain Ash or Californian Redwood tree will take as long as it needs to grow. That growth will vary from season to season, depending on climatic conditions, but it will take in nutrient from the soil, sunlight, and carbon-dioxide as it needs to reach upwards and form the canopy of the forest. The smaller trees and shrubs will do the same, but in different ways and in different times. And not all the trees will look the same; they will all have their unique size and shape. Smaller grasses, orchids, and bushes will follow suit.

Each plant in a forest achieves its own individual perfection by growing when and how it does, not because it follows an homogenous principle. When a seed is in the soil, it waits until the conditions are right for germination to take place. There is no pressure on it to become anything at any time.

So too is the creative process. It is unhurried; and yet when that process begins, it unfolds in its own way and in its own time. When the soil of your imagination and creative expression are rich and full of nutrients, your creativity will emerge and grow into something unique and wonderful. If your garden bed lacks microbial life and micronutrients, the seeds you sow will struggle to grow and thrive, and anything they yield will lack the nutrients to make it healthy to eat.

Similarly, what is the seed you you are starting with? A tree-fern will never become a canopy tree; an acorn will never germinate into a daffodil. If you want to grow lettuces, don’t sow cabbage seeds. The seed of that creative project has its own nature, and trying to force it into being something else will inevitably lead to disaster.

We see this a lot on the internet, and no less so on Steem. People continually pump out content, often about topics they clearly have no knowledge in. The quality of it is poor, a result of trying to hurry the creative process up.

What would happen, do you think, if you spent a week researching the topic you are writing about?

What if you allowed yourself the luxury of taking as much time to write the post, and not publishing until you were completely happy with the end product?

And what would happen if you released your attachment to the expectation of what that creation was worth in the eyes of others?

Not everyone appreciates the grasses that grow on the forest floor, or the clovers that spread themselves over your garden bed. But then, not everyone is awed by giant Sequoia trees, or enjoys the taste of cabbages. Different people have different tastes in the creative content they like to read, listen to, or watch.

The creative process is organic and somewhat chaotic. It is influenced by our own temperament and mood, as well as by the environment we find ourselves in. Allowing our creativity to emerge naturally, unforced and unhurried will produce something that is quality.

With this exploration of natural systems in mind, the next post will return to the concept of ‘natural medicine’ and outline the main fields where it operates.

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