Planting trees on a Saturday morning!

My trees came in the mail today!

Our electricity provider did a promo a couple months ago with the Arbor Day Foundation, where customers could get two free trees to plant in the name of energy savings. Of course, there's more reasons to plant trees than just that.

I ordered two free pecan trees, being the only edible species they had available with the promo. Works for me, I love pecans!


Babo, Farmer Sam, and I set out to dig a couple holes for our new baby trees. They came in cardboard tubes, with thin soil pots that were about as long as the trees themselves. The roots were already poking out the bottoms, a good sign! Fall is prime Tre planting time in Texas, because those roots can do some growing all season before spring.


One tree planted out front...


...and one out back.

The website we ordered from claimed we could save up to 20% with this selected planting location, but I don't think it took into account the heavy tree cover we already have. Oh well, we'll get free food for life!

That gets us up to thirteen trees planted here this year! Two plums, two apples, three peaches, four figs, and two pecans, all for free or for barter! Score! Truly free food, and true abundance. There'll be more than enough to share here in a few short years, and we're not stopping at just thirteen! I just started 20+ seeds and I've got a shopping cart that's filling up. I'm using steem to pay for it, so it may take a while. So far I'm up to $55 out of the $100 I need. If anyone wants to donate, feel free! I cash out to coinbase on Sundays, and anything helps. 1steem, 1 sbd, whatever you feel you can spare for trees.

A good start to the day! Now I'm off to clean up the shop. I'm going to start it back up and expand capabilities so I can start working and making extra money. I'm hell-bent on retiring early, and that takes money. The first step is to get this mess under control. Y'all have a good weekend!

All action for the good of all.


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If I'd ever had an energy company near me run an offer like that, I wouldn't refuse either.

Heck yeah! Free trees from anyone is a good deal! The VP of the company lives in our neighborhood, so she was promoting it for everyone. I may be the only one that did it, as everyone else was saying we already have tons of trees in our neighborhood. We started out the year with I think seventeen mature trees on the property, and added these thirteen younger ones. There's still room for a ton more!

Yay! Free trees are the best!!! And look! You coerced the children outside for a photo! Sending you steem for trees!

Thank youuu!!! 💚💚💚

They actually spent all day outside today! Helping me in the shop, digging holes in the yard, throwing stuff, playing on the swing and tower. It was a good day!

That's awesome! Are you planning on building guilds around them?

Of course! 💚

How cool! I LOVE pecans! Nice photo of you and the boys too!

Thanks :) we had an awesome day outside today! Until our trees produce, there's plenty at the park to harvest from :)

Oh you are back to beard mode! Getting ready for Christmas? Ho ho ho!

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Beard on, beard off. Beard on, beard off. It gets cut about yearly in the summer. It's about time for a trim, as it's getting a little unruly, but I'm keeping it awhile. It's cool outside!

One time I grew it for three years, and it was pretty awesome. I cried when I cut it off that time.

Keep planting trees!

Great work and nice to see the kids getting involved too 💯🐒