The Start of a Ritual

As I've written about lately, I'm desiring a deeper connection with creation.


This weekend, I'm going hunting with my dad and brother. We'll be hunting whitetail, axis, and mule deer, as well as feral hogs. Eating a diet of wild foods is a way to deeply appreciate connect with the natural world. You're consuming a natural creature, whether plant, animal, or fungus. You're literally fueling your life and being with that piece of creation. Also, that's an animal that was raised naturally and wildly, eating a biologically appropriate diet, and not raised on an unhealthy factory farm eating something it's not designed to eat and causing damage to the environment.

Source Whitetail deer

Source Axis deer

Source Mule deer

(Each of those sources has a bit of information on those animals too.)

If you are what you eat, why are you eating domesticated food crops?

A question to ponder.

Tonight I'll be starting a fast. In ancient times, people would fast before a hunt. Your body wants fuel, so when you go a few days in conscious deprivation, your senses are heightened because your body needs to detect food. That's the idea anyways. I'll allow myself some food, in the form of my daily milk, but that's it. My usual quart (1000 mL) a day comes out around 600 calories. I'll continue this for two days, eating a meal again on Saturday night.

This is my first time doing any type of ritual, so I'm sure it'll change over the years until I am comfortable with it. There'll be a fair bit of meditation, and I'll be praying a lot for a successful trip. Not necessarily a fast for the sake of spirituality, but the time of mindfulness will lend itself well to Bible study.

Tree fundraiser update

I've had over 85 steem donated for the tree fundraiser already!!! Thank you all so much! I was looking a bit ago and, woah mama, crypto is down. I'll need a total of about 400 steem to finish affording the rest. Not a huge rush, there's still plenty of time. But if anyone knows a whale that's got some steem laying around, let em know that little old Nate could use a few.


@riverflows has pledged that @naturalmedicine will burn 100 LOTUS for every 1 steem donated! We're almost to 10,000 LOTUS to be burned! I wonder if that 40k would ever be a possibility ;) I won't be in town when the post pays out, so I'll get in touch with her when I'm back to confirm. We'll see how it all works out. If I get close, I may just take a couple trees off the shopping list and get what I can afford. I'm about ready to stop powering down and settle with what I've got.


Of those eight, if I had to get rid of some, I'd get rid of the chestnuts first, then an apple, then a peach tree. In that order because I'm not ultra stoked about chestnuts, I've already got a couple apple trees, and a few peach trees. Almonds and peaches are the ones there that I'm pretty excited about. Actually, I may switch them all to almonds and peaches and just make a little two-row orchard of them. Idk. Lots of options, but the bottom line is that I'm gonna plant hella trees this year, and even more with your help!

I'm rambling. Just had my last meal going into my biggest fast.

Y'all have a good weekend. Thanks for your love, support, and donations.

All action for the good of all.


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