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The Best of Natural Health on Steem

Welcome to the first post in the second month of 2020, where we collate the best natural health content on the Steem blockchain.

This year's curation posts are going to start by sharing ABUNDANCE, offering one of the featured writers here a part beneficiary of the earnings of this post. It's our way of saying thankyou for writing good content. Good content is very much needed in a world of disinformation and fake news - we really value original content backed by anecdotes and hard science, so do make an effort to do some research on your natural medicines if possible. That being said, we also love simply hearing about your philosophies, experiments and emotional interactions with the natural healing world, whether it's starting a New Year's fast, planting a herb garden, interacting with the natural environment, testing out a new CBD product and making gummy bears, or concocting a tincture for a cold. The world of natural healing is vast - from TCM to foraging for mushrooms, ashram life or pranyam breathing, we are happy to reward good quality content with LOTUS and STEEM.


Although @joseeb has only joined Steemit this month she (I presume you are a she @joseeb, correct me if I am wrong) has been posting a wealth of information. I especially like her post on finding her guidance system that she realized was right within her! She shares some very useful tips for how you can tap into your guidance system too! Read the post here


Other posts this week from @joseeb is one on spirituality for mental health - read it here
Wellness through Chakras here
Learning from our negative emotions here


@ladyofliberty is helping us rise our vibration showing us that it is more than just mind over matter; she goes as far as to say matter IS mind and gives us a powerful Biohack to improve our daily lives with! Read the post post here



@crescendoofpeace showed us a simple tea that can be a powerful remedy using ingredient many of us have in our cupboard! I know I do and I'm going to give it a try. Read the post post here



What Other Natural Health Writers are Exploring

@viking-ventures talks of Salal for health and healing here
@minismallholding had a wonderfully informative post on Adaptogens here
@trucklife-family spoke of breaking patterns here and celebrating Imbolc - The Time Of Awakening here
@chillednbaked introduced her new homemade CBD products here
@samstonehill is converting his wall space for vegetable and herb garden here
@in2itiveart shared here mandala artwork on spiritualism here
@heart-to-heart shared a Vegan "Meaty" lasagna recipe here

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Ooooh - NICE to see some new contributors and a whole slew of good posts. Well done, Everyone!

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