A Collection of Best Natural Health Posts: Curation #71

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The Best of Natural Health on Steem

Welcome to the first curation post of 2020, where we collate the best natural health content on the Steem blockchain.

This year's curation posts are going to start by sharing ABUNDANCE, offering one of the featured writers here a part beneficiary of the earnings of this post. It's our way of saying thankyou for writing good content. Good content is very much needed in a world of disinformation and fake news - we really value original content backed by anecdotes and hard science, so do make an effort to do some research on your natural medicines if possible. That being said, we also love simply hearing about your philosophies, experiments and emotional interactions with the natural healing world, whether it's starting a New Year's fast, planting a herb garden, interacting with the natural environment, testing out a new CBD product and making gummy bears, or concocting a tincture for a cold. The world of natural healing is vast - from TCM to foraging for mushrooms, ashram life or pranyam breathing, we are happy to reward good quality content with LOTUS and STEEM.


@laurabell has written a wonderful review about The Six Pillars of Self esteem. I love how the author describes self esteem as the Immune System of the Consciousness, but more so, I love @laurabell's reflections and insights, her honesty really spoke to me. Read the post here.

We need to know our inner workings to sort out what we need to do in order to raise our self esteem. A lot of the time it comes from journaling and knowing our thought processes. It comes from thinking about and talking about our lives. And the experiences in which have had. Good or bad; how have they impacted you? It's about learning about your self imposed web and unweaving it yourself.



I love fungi and this wonderful post by @colibrifremedies, got me very excited, He shares with us how he harvested some turkey tail and how he made a decoction. Going into detail about the medicinal properties of Turkey Tail and dual extraction and whether it is necessary. Read the post here

It is true that you can go out and purchase a Turkey Tail extract, but I find hunting for them to be much more fun and engaging. It feels sacred to commune with the mushroom in that way. Call me old fashioned but I like the traditional methods of cultivation and consumption. I am not against commercial mushroom extracts, they certainly have their place. Nevertheless, part of the practice of a medicine man/woman is to cultivate a relationship with the plants and fungi you intend to harvest. If you ask first and only take what you need you will find that Mother Nature will provide you with an abundance.



In this open and honest post @artemislives shares how she discovered she was suffering from severe adrenal fatigue. How she has spend many years always pushing on through and placing others in front of herself, something I think a few of us can identify with. Read the post here

The really tough thing for a person with adrenal fatigue to grasp and work with is that the constant, over-production of adrenaline and cortisol stop them from feeling normal fatigue. And so the chemically-driven behaviours develop bad habits: "I don't feel too bad. I can push through and work for another hour..." And so we do. The really insidious thing is that the body becomes chemically addicted to elevated cortisol levels and a new "set point" is reached - one where the body is not able to reach deep rest due to chronically elevated cortisol levels.



In this post @kennyskitchen has responded to another person, who wrote about why the stopped being Vegan. Where the latter's post was lacking in evidence, Kenny provides a lot of wonderful information and resources about health and nutrition, whilst pushing home how important it is to be educated when it comes to what you eat. Read the post here

I write/speak/teach far more about mindful eating than I do veganism, in large part because just cutting out animal products is nowhere near good enough on the environmental or health levels, which are what I am most concerned with. There are plenty of vegans who still eat nothing but Monsanto/General Mills/Pepsi trash, meaning that while they may not be killing as many animals, they're certainly not taking care of the health of their body or the planet.



What Other Natural Health Writers are Exploring

There has been so many wonderful posts created this week, by the naturalmedicine community. Below are a list of some of them, which I highly recommend you check out.

In this post Treating Auto Immune Conditions - Part 1 - Diet plays a Major Role @nainaztengra talks about her husband's healing journey.

@bghandmade shares a very potent Herbal tea mix!

@vincentnijman asks usWhat are you thinking of before falling asleep? and why we should focus more on those thoughts.

@montanacellist shares a beautiful Cello and Whale sounds and a nice blend... 432 hz, that is so relaxing and healing.

@viking-ventures educates us aboutPacific Poison Oak (Toxicodendron diversilobum) - Health and Healing.

@riverflows shares more of her culinary delights in this post Smooshed Olives, Smokey Salt & Sarma Scrumminess.

@eftnow asks us if we have any New Years Resolutions? Let Your Body Decide.

@soyrosa shares some reflections with us in her post Are we feeling reflective yet?

@elamental shares his wonderful intentions for 2020 in this post, Grounding Intentions for 2020 Manifestations: Magic of I

@doitvoluntaily discusses one way we can heal for free, Meditation: Getting More With Less Money

@nateonsteemit shows us his New Medicine for the New Year.

Whilst @missdeli shares Just a basic recipe of Green Smoothie after holidays and a lot of food🤦‍♀️🧃🍋🥦🍌🍏

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Thanks for the feature @naturalmedicine. Looking forward to checking out the other posts, especially @laurabell's. I really like the premise, and it feels quite synchronistic, as my very first article ever published was also "the 6 pillars," though pillars of something else :-)

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Thanks for the feature - intrigued by @kennyskitchen's post and almost want to give a standing ovation to anyone who thinks beyond the almost-meaningless label of "vegan". Nice curation.

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This was an amazing curation @trucklife-family - you really are a Queen of finding the good ones, and the ones I missed! I loved @kennyskitchen's post a lot this week, and saw most of the others, but did miss some so I'm off to read them now! Thanks so muh - we're sending you some extra LOTUS from @lotuspayroll for your efforts xx

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thank you only seeing this now, I do love to do the naturalmedicine curation I learn so much and really enjoy reading al the wonderful wisdom shared xxx

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