A Thankyou to Delegators: Did you Know You Can Earn Lotus by Posting From Our Front End? (Plus More)

A special thankyou to our delegators - we're busy updating our list of ingoing and outgoing delegations, and are so excited to have new peeps join in the fun - @rolerob is posting great stuff on permaculture (earth medicine is just as important as US medicine - in fact, it IS us medicine!), yogi @mamrita and veggie delight cook @lizelle, @marblely, @kryptokannon and @mrraggaj have also thrown in some SP to the NM kitty. @planttoplanks, @artemislives, @vincentnijman and many others have also UPPED their delegation and we're so excited to have this big increase in SP to upvote great content.

Here's How We Support Steemians Writing on Natural Health Topics

  • If you post from www.naturalmedicine.io, using the tag #naturalmedicine, you automatically get a little lotus upvote from @uplotus2. This is for delegators only.
  • Any post that goes into our front end appears in our Discord, so we can automatically resteem it to our resteem whale account, @uplotus.
  • Those posts get resteemed by @naturalmedicine first (if they qualify) and upvoted too!
  • We notice good posts to send to trending if we can, through our involvement with @trendthis.
  • The steemrewards from our posts go toward challenges and contests to reward many of you with extra steem (your upvotes COUNT)
  • We TWEET great posts, giving you more chance to get noticed
  • We aim to give you more engagement on your posts through our solid community.

With special thanks to @canadiancoconut and @tribesteemup, the support of which makes our community grow.


A Big Thank you to Our Delegators for Your Ongoing Support

1000+ SP: Fungi Delegators

@immarojas @riverflows @tribesteemup @walkerland @stortebeker @vincentnijman @yangyanje @bewithbreath @alchemage @porters @whatamidoing

500 - 699 SP: Lavender Delegators

@missdeli @kryptokannon

300 - 499 SP: Clover Delegators

@artemislives @enjoyinglife @hopehuggs @metametheus @nainaztengra @nateonsteemit @phillyc @richardcrill @blessedgirl

200 - 299 SP: Yarrow Delegators

@amico @anttn @bearone @cmplxty @digitaldan @holisticmom @mountainjewel @solominer @trucklife-family @zen-art @quochuy @wildhomesteading @goldenoakfarm @minismallholding @mraggaj

100 - 199 SP: Dandelion Delegators

@anggreklestari @barge @dazedconfused11 @eftnow @sagescrub @senorcoconut @thelaundrylady @tibfox @viking-ventures @yangyanje @crescendoofpeace @mrnightmare89 @consciousangel7 @sallybeth23 @justinparke @alexvanaken @agiftoflove @lizelle @plantstoplanks

0 - 99 SP: Mint Delegators

@allyinspirit @amymya @bala41288 @belleamie @bengiles @bifilarcoil @binkyprod @brutledge @cambridgeport90 @canna-curate @careassaktart @claudiaz @crosheille @desertrat @frejafri @hafizullah @inuke @julianhorack @kimmysomelove42 @ligayagardener @mayb
@ofsedgeandsalt @organicgardener @raj808 @rebeccabe @rem-steem @samstonehill @senattor @simplymike @sn0n @squishysquid @thereikiforest @thetreeoflife @thistle-rock @torico @tryskele @vibesforlife @wildlocusthoney @xwalkran @yestermorrow @your-poet @mrnightmare89 @troyvandeventer @fenngen @evernoticethat @mamrita

If you don't see your name on this list, and think we've missed you, please do let us know. We are only human, and sometimes we err!

If you don't notice an upvote from @uplotus go out in the 24 hours after your post, do let us know. @alchemage is busy updating the list, so those who have delegated in last few weeks should notice an upvote from @uplotus2 on any post posted from www.naturalmedicine.io.


@naturalmedicine   |   Discord Invite   |   #naturalmedicine

Earn Instantly For Writing Good Natural Health Content

If you would like to earn LOTUS and STEEM rewards for sharing your natural health content on www.naturalmedicine.io, you can sign up for an free FREE account by emailing welcome@naturalmedicine.io. Read more about us on our Welcome Page. We support writers sharing about herbalism, TCM, yoga, meditation, vegan and other healthy diets, as well as earth centred practices such as foraging, permaculture and biodynamics.

We need YOU! Please consider delegating STEEM to help keep this collective going. The minimum entry for membership is 20SP (free for members under 150SP), and helps give YOU upvotes, contests, meditation sessions, an awesome discord support group, and so much more!

If you'd like to learn more about www.naturalmedicine.io, LOTUS and other particulars, please read our WELCOME page.


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Did you mean @roleerob in the first paragraph?

Thanks for picking that up. I did realise I wrote it wrong but forgot to go and correct it. Gah. @riverflows

Love to see the support growing!
Just so you know I am now a Fungi delegator - for the record!

Welcome to the mushroom level ;>)

Yes, i did - oops. Editing it now - I'm not sure there is mush room, but always for you xxx @riverflows xx

@tipu curate

A huge hug from @amico! 🤗

#sbi-skip !trdo

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Upvoted 👌 (Mana: 10/15 - need recharge?)

Nice! 36k in delegations. That’s a hell of a lot of voting power! So nice to see the account and community continue to grow. Takes a lot of time and dedication, so excellent job river!! And the other folks as well of course.

I think you missed me on your list :-P


Editing now @whatamidoing. My so bad. @riverflows

Congratulations @naturalmedicine, your post successfully recieved 0.275319 TRDO from below listed TRENDO callers:

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