How to Follow A Trail and Set Automatic Upvotes for Your Favourite Curators & Users

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Did you know that @naturalmedicine has a curation trail on Steemauto? We also have a curation trail for @uplotus, our whale account for Lotus Token. You might like to follow either or both, especially if you are a big supporter of natural medicines and natural health, and you'd like to support users who Natural Medicine or Uplotus upvotes (which mainly upvotes with LOTUS token). It's a great thing to do if you don't get chance to curate much, because you know that you will earn daily rewards even if you aren't manually doing it yourself.

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Here, you can automatically upvote the posts which are upvoted by the selected user. For example, if you follow @naturalmedicine, your account will upvote on everything they upvote (same for any other trail you might want to follow).

We do not recommend following a trail if you do not have much SP. You need to build your account and followers through curating manually first - commenting helps this. However, low SP users can follow at a low percentage to guarantee your votes are well spent by someone you trust.

You can configure the 'upvote weight' for each user on the 'Curation Trail' page - if you are away from Steemit for a few weeks, maybe you want to set it at a higher amount so that you are earning curation rewards through following @naturalmedicine. If you are manually curating, you might like to set it at 20 percent. Consider if you'd like a scaled or a fixed voting weight. You can read about the difference in the FAQ section of SteemAuto.

Make sure you set a limit too, such as not voting if your voting power is below 90 percent.

You can also submit a short description and become a "trail" which other users will be able to follow.


To follow the @naturalmedicine curation trail:

  1. Click on 'curation' trail
  2. In the box that says 'search for a trail', type @naturalmedicine.
  3. Click 'follow'
  4. You will then be given options settings and choose settings for voting weight and how many posts you will vote in a day. Natural Medicine only publishes 1 a day so it doesn't matter what you set that to, but 1 is best.

Ensure you read the FAQ on Steemauto so you know what you're doing!

Once you have worked out how to follow a trail, there are other useful things about SteemAuto you might appreciate.



Fanbase enables you to vote on users you love, never missing a post. It's great if you want to support a friend or a new user, or even gain good curation rewards from trusted authors. It's what Natural Medicine uses to upvote their delegators at certain percentages for every post they make. Simply search for the user you wish to follow, and adjust your settings by clicking on the little red cog.

Auto Upvoting Comments

You can also automatically upvote people's comments on your posts, but you might like to avoid this especially if you have low SP! And then there are automatic downvotes too - but that's pretty mean, and downvoting is a contentious issue - we advise against using this setting!

We find these are the most useful aspects of SteemAuto. Of course, there's always more than one way to do something on Steemit, and as you explore more, you'll find more tricks to help you navigate.

Any questions? Drop into our Discord and ask - there is always someone willing to help.


Oh, and if you're wondering what tags to curate? Our curators look at most of these tags and much more! Check out for a full list of supported tags.

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