Introducing Lotus Coin for The Natural Medicine Community!

You know that feeling of butterflies in the tummy combined with electric shocks zipping your feet? Yeah that. We're all BOUNCING with excitement to tell you we've finally - finally - made a coin for the Natural Medicine community! We're all trying to have a cup of chamomile with shots of hops tincture combined with slow exhalations so that we don't overwhelm you with our bounciness!

So, exhaling. We know it's been a tough week hard forking. Confusing. Frightening. Eeeeeek! But we've been knuckling down behind the scenes of Natural Medicine and figuring out a few things.

  • How can we support people posting awesome natural health content, from herbalism to meditation, crystals to permaculture, veganism to keto diets, wildcrafting to growing your own vegetables?
  • How can we contribute to New Steem?
  • How can we onboard new users?
  • How can we continue being the centre of natural health on Steemit since our inception over a year ago?

And yeah, we FREAKED out over the tokens, like y'all. What were all these 'things' filling up our Steempeak wallets? Were they they downfall of Steem?

We soon realised that tokens are AWESOME for bringing folk together in communities - and communities MATTER. Instead of floating and drifting across the whole Steemiverse looking for content to care about and support, we can help just unite all of us that care about alternative health and practices in the same place. So we decided to go for it. Let's unite everyone who cares about natural health, resilience, herbalism, meditation and all of that stuff that unites mind, body and soul under one token!

Intro Lotus Coin.png

And so, finally, we have our own front end, and our own token to reward Natural Medicine related content. We'll let you know more about this in future posts, but you can view it here on Natural Medicine, and sign in just as you would with your Steem posting keys anywhere (like Steempeak, or Busy).

Our coin is called LOTUS.

That means, if you've been issued LOTUS, and use the #naturalmedicine tag, you'll be able to reward content with LOTUS. And you'll appear on the Natural Medicine front end, which is fab for showing non Steemians what we're all about.

Check your tokens. You might already have LOTUS in your wallet! Those who've had a lot to do with our community in the last year will be the first to get this token. We will be talking more about air drops and the specifics of that in future posts.

Look out for LOTUS upvotes from our curators and voting accounts. Our main contributors and curators also have some staked ready to reward you too. More on this in a forthcoming post!

A few things you need to know:

  • We're about kindness first and foremost. You know what this means. Play nice.
  • We're aware of token farming, and will downvote according. We'll let you know what we accept and what we'll downvote in future posts.
  • Plagiarism sucks. If you don't know what this is, google it.
  • Please be patient whilst we're working out the details - we're learning like you are.
  • We welcome your input and advice - we are a collective that values everyone.

In the next week or so, we'll be releasing a manifesto that fully explains what we mean by 'natural medicine'. We aim to be transparent and honest as possible, so if there's any issues, please do get in touch with us! You can find us on Discord here.

Lotus up, dear Steemfolk!

We are having a radio show this weekend if you'd like to know more. Details in this post!


NM GIF JUNE 2019.gif
Did you know that Natural Medicine has it's own front end - By using this front end, you not only earn our native token 'Lotus', but can find other like minded folk posting on everything from herbalism, meditation, healthy eating and essential oils, to homesteading, cannabis and environmental health. If you'd like to delegate to show your support of natural healing wisdoms, and recieve benefits from upvotes to great contests and prizes, and help support us curate worthy content, please click here!


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Wow... so much is happening! This is it, the whole communities thing that was talked about a while back?

I'm happy you made Natural Medicine amd I'm sure it will stay the NM voice of steemit for a long long time.

I don't understand a thing about steemit anymore, I had it just about figured out for what I needed to do and bam, came anoth hard fork!

I'll catch up a little soon... in the mean time, congratulations on the new Token 😁!

This is a front end I can get excited about!

I'm so excited you said that, we've been dying to tell you - the canna community is our community too!

Awesome!!!!!! This tribe is really what I need for my natural medicine related post. 🌱🌱🌱

Really appreciate your effort guys! Go NM folks!

Well done guys great teamwork manifesting this! Ive staked my lotus.. as should everyone!

WONDERFUL news. Natural medicine is such a logical onboarding place for sooooo.many therapists & curious people "out there".

Gonna be trying to tune in tomorrow morning. 💚

It's beautiful like the flower itself...looking forward to it

Wahoo! Way to get it done team!

So excited!!! And excited about welcoming #vegan posts onto our front end!!

I might have finally found a token I could love! Count me in. I just have to figure out what "stake" means first.
Love the front end!
And Thank You!

Oh it's EXACTLY like powering up! If you go to our Front end, and sign in just the same as Steemit, and go to your wallet, you'll see! Too Easy!

Do you want any of palnet, neoxian, sport, ccc, i have no idea what else I've got in there it's all baffling, but if it benefits you in some way, it's yours. Or should I say ours?

Thank you for the lotuscoin!

thanks i'm really like what naturalmedicine community here has to offer!

Cheer!!!! I am so excited about this. We have an awesome community. I know this will do very well.

Yeah! Lotus up!!!

That’s great news. A big step forward for our community.

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It is! We are thrilled that we decided to take the giant leap!

Welcome :) We've been waiting for you! :)

Awwww, that's very cute!!! Thanks!!!

Yess first to comment it’s a contest

Haha!!! Woo hoo. So glad you are so pumped about this! We are too!! Stake it baby stake it!!

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Oh I been staked up since I let the cat out of the bag 😂

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Ha, can't trust you with cats!

!giphy lotus

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Deliriously tired, but too excited to not say congrats 🎊

Wow! Beautiful to see this all come together after so much hard work! It will be wonderful, pulling the different communities together and all the excellent Natural Medicine content under one roof!
Great times ahead!

Nice. Won't take part as I'm clueless about Natural/unNatural medicine. However, I agree that Tribes are awesome and the more, the better~

Can always pop in to learn and possibly find some info that will improve your quality of life..

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FANTASTIC UPDATE !!!! .. and still a real one !

Congrats for launching your & our own front end :-))


Congrads! stop into token town discord sometime we all love Tribes & Tokens!

Yay, we will!!!

Finally we have a tribe that can help heal everyone on Steem naturally!

Making a tribe website is like giving a home to this beautiful community. Congratulations to you all for a newly designed home!

I'd love to visit this home often as a guest visitor :)

On other note, I think you could have given a better name to your token though LOTUS sounds therapeutic too ...just a thought!

Congratulations! Wish this LOTUS will keep blooming eternally, spreading its healing powers to all!

I am so excited about this and love the name. Well done everyone who made this happen xx

That's a piece of great news!
Thanks so much, @naturalmedicine's staff!

!giphy lotus

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This is fantastic update and excited for further information about it. Great work team

Yay! Thanks!!

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Thank you for making this awesomeness. I will be staking and promoting this project as much as i can. I am really hurting atm tho, so thank you for shining your beacon of light. I am here for you as much as I can be.

@naturalmedicine, Congratulations team and good wishes from my side. And let's hope that from this point of time NATURAL MEDICINE will going to experience more Awakening journey.

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Very excited to hear this! Grateful for all that put in the work to make this happen, thank you! My LOTUS is staked, thank you for starting me off :D

Now I just need to find the time to stay up to date and keep up with all of these new additions. Looking forward to posting on the new front end and being able to reward others with the new coin ~ ❤️