Post Boxes Now On Front End!

We love our front end. Sure, there's work to be done, and many miles to go, but thanks to @eonwarped, she's looking purty. Have you checked it out yet? We know there's lots of different front ends and we know that can be tricky, but if you're a regular natural medicine blogger, then this is the place for you.

We had a bit of a funny experience last week trying out the code for this - @khaleelezi and @gerber tried their best to help out (thanks to Steemleo for the constant support) but we were missing something important that we just couldn't figure out there and then. Never mind - dear Eon jumped into the rescue, and we ended up with beautiful, clickable links at the bottom of each blog post that appears on!

homesteaders copy 2 2.png

Check out the below postbox of @rawadventuress. Cool huh? It quickly gives you a picture of what kind of content might appear on their blog. This week it's yummy smoothies, some advice on the value of forgiveness, and a mucousless diet for healing. That smoothie sounds amazing! Mango DOES have a nice way of evening out any bitterness.


Pictured below are the post boxes of @sayee, @fennglen, @kindredacres, @wildhomesteading and @alchemage. You'll note that the amount of comments appears in parenthesis just after your blog title. I'm finding this is awesome to quickly navigate to my own posts to see what comments I've missed, especially if I've resteemed a lot that week!

This kind of stuff is what makes our Steem experience - and our LOTUS/Natural Medicine experience that little bit sweeter. If you have any ideas for improvements, we'll do our best to see if we can make them happen - no promises, mind - it's all up to the devs we can find to implement COOLNESS onto the user interface and the awesome guys who make it happen over at Steem Engine.


And thanks a million to all our delegators, old and new, that helps make this stuff happen!! Much, much love!

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Oh, and if you're wondering what tags to curate? Our curators look at most of these tags and much more! Check out for a full list of supported tags.

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