Sending a Little Abundance to Delegators: Terpenes, Tigers & Coronavirus - Oh Boy!


I absolutely bubble up with joy and happiness when I see an ABUNDANCE of great posts tagged #naturalmedicine. Sometimes there's too many to feature in the weekly curation on Mondays, hence me writing an extra post when I can, especially to celebrate delegators and give them a few more rewards for their support and to encourage them through a bit of steem love! I'll be announcing the winners of the 'Art as Healing' challenge tomorrow, giving away 100 Steem and LOTUS in prizes (yay!) but for now, I'd like to give a special nod to some people whose posts I really enjoyed this week. Yes, you have to be a delegator to feature in this curation and be rewarded with a little steem, set as 5 percent beneficiary. It's all completely subjective, decided by me, @riverflows, and what tickles my tiger as I'm scrolling the feed - but I do hope this little bit of love finds you well and smiling. Keep up the hard work!

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Cannabis & The Medical Benefits of Terpenes - Plus the Entourage Effect

I've heard the word 'terpenes' a lot when it came to cannabis medicine, but none really explained it quite as well as this post by new delegator and canna medicine enthusiast, @mraggaj. This post was great as it neatly referenced information that showed terpenes to have various medical benefits in a really clearly laid out post. He wrote:

Along with the scents and flavors, the terpenes also enhance the potential therapeutic effect of the cannabis. Connoisseur cannabis consumers will often select new strains to try based partially on content of the the terpenes - strains rich in limonene terpene, for example, will often bring on a euphoric, energetic, and uplifting mood.

Natural Medicine has always been supportive of canna content, but we do tend to skip over the ones that only make passing reference to it's healing qualities rather than expound upon it, so it was really refreshing to see one so well put together.

Saying that, @jonyoudyer ALSO put together a really detailed cannabis medicine post this week - check it out here. Talk about ask and ye shall recieve - we put a call out for good #naturalmedicine #weedcash posts and they came flooding in! I for one had no idea about the 'entourage effect':

One reason why whole plant cannabis is so therapeutic, is something cannabis users have known all along(even though we could not tell you why), but research is emerging on this subject, and we are discovering that the effects of cannabis is due to all of the compounds found withing the plant. They are dubbing this synergy of compounds the "Entourage Effect". Cannabonids and Terpenes working together as one.

Thanks @jonyoudyer for enrichening our understanding of why cannabis is such a healing medicine!!!

Tigers, Crocodiles & Mood Swings

I love @vincentnijman's posts because they are always so playful and creative. He really engages with the self healing process, and often shares podcasts he's found in our Discord. This post genuinely made me smile for it's playfulness and musing on mood swings.

I have to blame repeated thoughts or unhealthy believes for that, as well as my middle name "lack of focus", leading to unhelpful and often negative thought patterns that I can't even put my finger on. Anyhow, spending loads of time outdoor, eating plenty of enjoyable food, drawing, writing and being with other people swung my mood into the 'right' direction once again.

Sometimes staying on the right 'health' track requires a lot of dedication and focus, doesn't it? This post really resonated with me. Plus, I had to share his cute drawing:



I also really appreciated @artemislives, and @quochuy's intelligent and detailed posts about the coronvirus, and new Natmedder @josebb is writing some stellar content this week I've appreciated too - may your steem power grow quickly! We'll try to reward you as best we can to help you get there.

Hope you all have a great week! Hopefully I'll have time for a few other 'abundance curations' before I take a month off to leave for India. If any #naturalmedicine elders want to take over this curation in particular (it's quite fun) do let me know.

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Appreciating the mention and the shout-out.... banging the drum for others always makes such a nice noise!! :) Thank you.

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It's all completely subjective, decided by me, @riverflows, and what tickles my tiger as I'm scrolling the feed - but I do hope this little bit of love finds you well and smiling. Keep up the hard work!

Glad I tickled your tiger ( not meant as a sex joke ), this was fun to read, even if it's just for the alliteration! :>)

Thank you for the kind mention and extra bit of abundance. You are awesome! ❤


Tickling the tiger is now my new euphemism for .... 😊😊😊😊


not sure whether it sounds better than the male equivalent 'spanking the monkey' though

Thanks for the extra layer of support you provide. Teamwork makes the dream work, and you all are great team mates!

We try our bestest. Xxx You are welcome xxx

Thanks for the curation and the mention, congrats to everyone - the #naturalmedicine, #weedcash, and #canna-curate working together is great to see, lots of entourage effect potential with the combination :)

Oh there's a metaphor I wish I hadnt missed!!! That is so true.

We have always been good friends and supportive of each other... this fact makes makes me smilllleee xxx

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