Win 100 Steem: Challenge Deadline Extended Until Feb 8th!

Are you a poet, a painter, a sculptor or a photographer? Maybe you draw mandala or embroider, sing or play guitar.

For many people, art is a way to express themselves, to work through problems or trauma, or to rewire their brain. We want to hear these 'art as healing' stories from you, whether you are amateur or accomplished, an everyday artist or only dabbling when you are blue.

  • How does art sooth, calm or steady you?
  • What has art brought to your life that wouldn't be there without it?
  • Did art find you or did you find art?
  • What trauma or illness has art helped you through?
  • Do you use art as a meditative tool?

You do NOT have to answer all of these questions - they are simply there to prompt you in whatever direction you like.


The Entries So Far

We had an amazing amount of entries for Week 1! Looking forward to Week 2!

We Walked Out of Pre School Holding Hands by @bia.birch
Art is Healing by @kaerpedium
Creating and Art as Perpetual Healing Meditation
Art is Healing by @crosheille
We Are Walking Pieces of Art by @fenngen
Healing Myself Through Words by @trucklife-family
How I Fought Homesickness by @olivia808
How Art Can Heal Past Wounds

We put all of this weeks entries in a draw to win 50 LOTUS, and the winner (you'll have to trust me here, as I forgot to do a screenshot) was @kaerpaedium - congrats. More LOTUS is up to be won in Week 2. Please note the following rules for your entries!


Yeah yeah, we know - rules stifle creativity, but we promise these aren't too smothering!

  • Resteem and/or retweet this post
  • Refer/link back to this post in your entry so we know it's your submission
  • Post from (log in with your steem posting key like you would any front end - posts from any other end will not be counted for the final prize, although we still will upvote/resteem you)
  • Use any relevant tags you like, such as #creativecoin
  • Burn 100 Lotus by sending it to @null. - just like an ordinary transfer of steem, but you're doing it on so you're transferring LOTUS instead!. This helps the LOTUS ecosystem. If you don't have enough unstaked LOTUS, one of our team will burn for you, and we are happy to accept IOU. We will match every 100 burned by doubling it and sending that amount to @null from our issuing account, @lotuscoin. This helps us all by potentially raising the value of the token by decreasing supply.

The Prizes

  • 100 Steem (divided amongst best entries)
  • LOTUS (amount to be decided)
  • 100 percent upvote for worthy entries from @naturalmedicine
  • Resteems from @naturalmedicine and @uplotus
  • Best posts will be shared to our Twitter and Facebook accounts
  • Your post/s will be compiled and acknowledged in a curation post, with the 3 best receiving part beneficiary.

To make this giveaway worth it, we will only honour the 100 Steem giveaway if we receive at least TEN eligible entries. We love providing abundance, but it takes all of us to create abundance for all.

We can't wait to read your story!


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@tipu curate

A huge hug from @amico! 🤗

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That's a pretty cool challenge... might have to look into doing this; perhaps featuring some of my own artwork.

Thanks for the heads-up!

We would LOVE your input!

Glad we've got some extra time as I haven't gotten around it yet. Almost thought of turning yesterday's write up on my children's book into an entry for this contest but that felt too forced.

P.S. Seems like you forgot to mention this entry by @whatamidoing

Art Brings us Closer to who we are as Creators

Ah.... Thanks .. @vincentnijman did he pist it on NM? How could I miss this by the guy who made us come up with the idea? Nettle slaps for me ... my bad!!!

He followed all the rules. I double checked.
You can't always see it all, right?

Some days we are more like a cyclops than a peacock, I guess ;>)

Enjoy your nettle spanking.

He followed all the rules. I double checked.
You can't always see it all, right?

Some days we are more like a cyclops than a peacock, I guess ;>)

Enjoy your nettle spanking.

Yeah its so hard to sweep up everything. Glad I have people like you to help xxx

Being one of your sweepers is no punishment ;>)

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Hi @naturalmedicine, here is my entry!

Thank you for this challenge. But sorry, I do not have 100 LOTUS to burn now, just 0.002, may I have an IOU with you first?