Baking Soda for Brushing Your Teeth - Update After 6 Months Of Use - It's Awesome!

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A few months back I wrote about natural ways of dental hygiene I was getting into, being fed up with chemical toothpaste products and the recurring need for dental care by so-called "professionals". I figured that the teeth were likely like everything else in the body, being able to repair themselves naturally as long as we don't constantly get in their way of achieving it.

I have been pulling oil for a while and have used Xylithol extensively (the marvelous sugar substitute everyone should definitely try out). but what has really changed everything for me is simple baking soda. Man have I become a fan of that stuff!

I really dig the idea of tinkering around with different toothpaste mixtures of my own, combining several natural ingredients which serve specific purposes in order to make a toothpaste that blasts the chemical mass-production selections out of the water. If you are making your own toothpaste you can easily get the luxury of only putting ingredients in that you believe in - no need for fluoride or other likely toxic byproducts at all. You can make the toothpaste taste awesome and sweet with Xylithol, you could make it spicy and herbal with things like Turmeric and Chili powder, adding whiteness agents and further anti-inflammation properties to your mix.

But you see, in daily life I am quite basic when it comes to these things. I just want something that works, you know? And so while I could be making awesome toothpaste I have become a massive fan of simply putting baking soda onto my toothbrush and brushing with that. I am an avid salt lover and so the experience of brushing with baking soda is quite exhilarating still, much better than with weird toothpastes that taste like something out of a pharmacy.

And here is the thing: Ever since I started brushing with baking soda, all my tooth aches and recurring issues with hurting gums have completely vanished! Heck I have even stopped brushing twice a day and am down to currently merely that one teeth brushing session before going to bed with about half a table spoon of baking soda, and you know what? Everything is awesome!

I have a huge amount left that will last me for more than a year or two, I have the ability to use it for cleaning all sorts of other things, to put it in coffee or to bake cake with it. But I do not have to buy any likely poisonous substances that come in plastic-aluminum tubes made by megacorporations that make the occasional apple afterwards taste horrible.

I brush every day with baking soda and everything is peachy. Even teeth that have had some rough times in the oast and are technically doomed (because I didn't choose to let them be filled up with stuff) are doing great. It really feels like the baking soda and its alkaline magic have helped the milieu in my mouth take care of itself and all the repairs that need to be done on a daily basis. Even things like sugar or alcohol can't seem to overcome the shield that baking soda is putting up every day and I am just blown away by it. It's so much better than anything I had tried in the past!

My teeth couldn't be better considering where I started and I can wholeheartedly recommend baking soda as toothpaste substitute to anyone after having used it for half a year or so now.

Try it out, you will not regret it!

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Nice. I have a similar experience. Pulling with coconut oil is also super awesome. Have you heard anything about excessive use of baking soda wearing down the enamel on the teeth? My girlfriends (holistic) dentist told her that once but i don’t know what to think. It’s just such a magical powder...


From the information I have baking soda will be rounded off meaning it becomes softer as it gets into contact with water. You can use the so-called rda values (Relative dentin abrasivity) to determine how much any given substance will "grind" at your enamel.
Considering that most commercially availabe toothpastes have enormously high values (depending on the product ranging from 80-180 or so) compared to wet baking soda (RDA value around 7 or so) I really do not see a problem, nor have I experienced one.
There is also something to be said about brushing teeth after they have been "weakened" by acids, you may want to wait until you do. You could also try using a softer brush or mixing the baking soda with other things that make it even softer or more palatable.

Hope this helps <3

Ah, very good info. You’re saying that it’s good to “weaken” the teeth with acidity before brushing? Say with apple cider vinegar?

No it's not a good idea. The idea is that if you weaken your teeth beforehand through acids then brushing them will harm them. It's best to wait a bit before brushing to let the acidity subside.
For this you can use baking soda as well <3 Just put a tablespoon into half a glass of water and flush your mouth with it. Baking soda's alkaline ph will neutralize all acids. then just wait a bit before brushing.

In practice though I never really care much. I just don't drink acids before going to bed or brushing my teeth so don't worry too much <3

True. My favorite use for baking soda is baking soda and lemon water.

One glass of water, one tablespoon(ish) or baking soda, one (at least) lemon fully squeezed. It’s carbonated and refreshing. Best morning beverage for a summer day.
I’ve been pretty addicted to that drink for a few years now...

I shall try it out, sounds awesome. I love lemon

This deserve a try, I'll talk this to my wife so we can try.. good stuff 👍

Hi buddy,

@vincentnijman here.

I tried this in the recent past but it gave me headaches and I felt dehydrated. To be honest, I'm easily dehydrated ( I seem to drink way more than the average person ) but I was a little disappointed when I felt I couldn't stick with this, for that reason. Do you have any suggestions to deal with that issue?

P.S. Now I'm using store bought toothpaste without fluoride but I feel that is only a small step in the right direction, as I'm still supporting big pharma and probably still consuming unwanted ingredients.