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This post is a few months in the making, mostly because there has been lots to do in the background creating and maintaining the momentum of the Natural Medicine Tribe and That and all the real-life stuff in 3D world that requires attending to.

It’s also been my intention to watch and see how things organically evolve on this platform, to see how people use it, who comes, who goes, who stakes their LOTUS, who immediately pawns their rewards off as soon as receiving them.

This way one can see patterns of behaviour and how people engage, interact, and create in this space.

This LOTUS curation account will be used to reward LOTUS to posts that are exceptional. They stand out to me for some reason. I can’t completely explain why and how they stand out — they just do!

Certainly, they will for the most part follow the posting guidelines. Also, they may go above and beyond these, producing something that I value.

This is an important aspect of what separates quality writing from what we all affectionately refer to as 💩posting.

I believe this platform can be used to learn how to inform readers effectively about natural health and healing for people and planet. And it can be used to help earn something for it, no matter how meagre. In this sense, feedback about what makes a good, great, or 💩 post is how we learn, grow, and evolve (following natural systems).

So this account will start (actually, it already has) dropping big votes (somewhere between 50–100%) On posts that have that x-factor. It may be once a day, it may be once a week... it will be used as necessary when those exceptional posts show up.

This form of manual, natural, human curation effort therefore rewards exceptional content. If you haven’t been getting very high LOTUS rewards (or for that matter, other Steem-based currency rewards) then you may want to check out these posts to see what you can learn from them.

In this sense, this account will also follow those creators and resteem those posts... so you may want to follow this account to see what gets its attention.

Occasionally, this account will be used to post a comment and let the creator know that some potential in a post was noticed, but needs a little help. Some folk have received those comments over the past few months, and we have posted about it before, where personalised coaching on writing, blogging, and publishing will be given in exchange for 15 LOTUS.

Anyway, looking forward to seeing the quality of content on this platform grow even better than it has since its inception. Quite frankly, the quality of posts here is generally better than on the rest of the Steem blockchain, and that says something about the genuine sincerity of the people of this community!

Live well and abundantly!

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Great to see the evolution of the Lotus, well done in using the steemit blockchain to its fullest potential.

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