Come Chat about the Natural Medicine Token with The Community!

Well, we have gone and done it! After a year building community, we've launched our Nitrous front end and the lotus coin that ties it together. I can't tell you how excited we are, and kinda nervous too, which is normal when you're showing a baby to the world, I mean - what if people think it's fugly! No matter, we think it's gorgeous and hope you do too!


Come join us as we answer your questions about Lotus tomorrow in the Natural Medicine Discord server here. We can't promise we can answer all of your questions, but we'll try our very best!

@metametheus is our host with the most, and I'll be shyly joining in. @nateonsteemit and @alchemage will also be on board to answer questions.

Here's to community and all the good things on Steem!


NM GIF JUNE 2019.gif

@naturalmedicine II Discord Invite II #naturalmedicine


Discord 🧘About


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Well done guys great teamwork manifesting this! Ive staked my lotus.. as should everyone!

The vast majority of people don;t even know what it MEANS to "stake" or how to physically do that, or why. The mainstreaming of steem needs a whole lot of people to communicate a whole lot more clearly, and simply, about the who-what-whys.

EXACTLY. I agree! We are going to add a FAQ to NMIO soon, wanna proofread ot with your gobbledegook defector? 🤞🤞🙏🙏🙏

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Good idea!

So we’ll be chatting about what this is really all about, our goals and visions for the future, for onboarding and reaching the NaturalMedicine community outside of the blockchain, and even more importantly to get input and feedback from the NM and wider Steem community.

It’s going to be an opportunity to discover and actively participate in a truly organic and natural community....

Can’t wait to chat with y’all then!!

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Wahoo! Go Natural Medicine! It's official! Be talking to you guys and gals tomorrow and let the lotus roll!

Looking forward to the chat! If I'm alive, I'll be there. Hope I know enough answers to be useful :)

What is this, our second official live chat ever? Third?

Looking forward to introducing this token to the community! Thanks for everyone’s dedication!

Staked my Lotus - sorry I missed the show. Now the challenge is to make Lotus have REAL VALUE. Happy to do my bit, and hoping the How and Why parts will be clearer as everyone finds their feet.

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Me too!!!!

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