Want a Badge Next to Your User Name on NaturalMedicine.io? Advertise Your Gig, Business, Blog or Identity!

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Since we have started our front end, we have had a few people finding Steem through NaturalMedicine.io! That means that we are visible to the outside world. What we see, they see! This is fabulous news for anyone running a business, blogging or simply wanting to showcase their Steem blog on our front end.

Badges are awesome advertising - they show personality, give people a laugh or even direct people to a website of your choosing! Anyone who sees your profile will see your badge, and they'll be able to see it next to your comments too!!

If you run a project on Steem, want people to investigate your website or Instagram profile, run a Witness or a community or a tribe on Steem, a badge can really draw people to where you want them to be.

And it's super easy to do! By 'burning' your Lotus, you give more value to the token - all 'burn' means is that you send the token to an account with no keys, which means it's gone forever. It's just a supply and demand thing!

1. Burn 100 LOTUS or your donated amount (the more we burn, the more value LOTUS gets, so we are happy for you to pay what you think works for the badge!) by sending it to @null. Include a note "Badge Burn". Minimum cost = 50 Lotus. Please pay what you think is fair and will benefit the community! If you own more lotus, send more lotus!

Note, if all your Lotus is staked, you'll have to buy more, or power down (unstake) ready to pay for some of the services we'll be offering soon!


2. Find the transaction on your steem-engine.rocks page by going to steem-engine.rocks/@yourusername and screen shot the transfer you made to @null. So if your name is @artemislives, simply write: steem-engine.rocks/@artemislives, and you'll see all your transactions.


3. Next, head into NATURAL MEDICINE DISCORD, and go into the #LOTUSMEMOS channel. Paste the screen shot of the transfer, your screen name and the badge name name you would like.


Give us a day or two to process your request. You will then see the badge appear next to your name on NaturalMedicine.io, just like this!


You can also buy a badge for a friend, or offer them as a contest winning!

  1. Send donation of Lotus to @null
  2. Take screen shot of receipt as per above.
  3. Paste receipt into #lotusmemo channel in Discord
  4. Write your friends Steem name, your steem name, and the badge name or write 'BADGE OF THEIR CHOICE'
  5. I will contact them to check this badge is okay or to choose a badge name as per your memo.

If you can't access the NM Discord, it's because you need to delegate to get all the benefits of NaturalMedicine.io.

  • Delegation is free for Steemians under 150 SP - simply let us know in our main chat, which anyone can access here.
  • Minimum delegation of 50SP

Why pay for membership for Natural Medicine?

  • Be part of a wonderful natural health community that's decentralised and allows YOU your voice
  • Helps pay for development of the community both on NM and Steem
  • Helps with curating great content via a great curation team
  • More upvotes for YOUR great NM posts
  • More advice and help for new Steemians
  • More competitions and contests to win Steem
  • Access curation channels and post promotions
  • Earn Lotus and Steem by engaging with others

... and that's not all!!! We have soooo many new things coming - and want YOU to be part of it!


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This is the first time I an hearing about lotus and I think it is a great idea.

 2 years ago 

No worries @oluwatobiloba It just kicked off. 😀


 2 years ago 

So glad to see that #NaturalMedicine is progressing so rapidly and coming up with new ideas. I still need to understand the Lotus part and the Badge how it can be of use to me. Thank you for sharing

 2 years ago 

Oh feel free to DM me!

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Excellent! I'll be making an attempt at this on SE.. SE makes me grumpy and irritable but out of lotus love I will persevere..

 2 years ago 

OK - So the badge is a practical click through to my website? It's still not 100% clear to me, even after reading this. LOL.

 2 years ago 

Not a click through. Just a badge. If you look on NATURALMEDICINE.io, look at this comment. Ill have a quote next to me name. If you had www.mythailife.com, whilst you couldn't click on it, people would see it and perhaps look you up.

Plus, by doing so, you burn tokens and make them more valuable by reducing supply.

You could even say ▪curator for ecotrain... or anything you want!

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