Real dark experience of meditation That's why I won't do this again. ( Entry for contest at @naturalmedicine)

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Introduction to my real case

Wait! You might not be believing what I 'll be saying now, but that's truth and I am ready to give truth test via machine.

Last year was definitely unlucky for me, since, being at just 20 year I found myself as a patient of Hypertension. You might be remembering my Drumstick cure!

My life has just stopped at a point and I 'm just pushing myself to escape from present situation. The burden pressurized me so much that it arose in form of high blood pressure and severe heart pain that still happened with me when I currently moved to my native village probably last week of last month.

In that time disease started influencing me one after impact and this was the point at which I realized myself to practice meditation. First person who told me about meditation was my teacher who used to practice this regularly and he believes that it's meditation which cured his Hypertension ailing but I don't believe this hypothesis.

I am still believing that it's Rawvolfia s. mother tincture. But the point from where I shall begin was still a mystery because I want a permanent cure of Hypertension that could only be possible if I awakened my kundalini.

Would you believe this!!!

Its has no physical proof and I have no other option.

Some say it takes years while some say it's a myth. What's the truth! Know not!

My efforts

I turned out pages of lot many ancient books and from its core I found three books that often meet at same conclusion. Since book was too old and these knowledge are at verge of extinction, so even knowing few exact steps I was encountering problem to practice it correctly.

First step that I performed:

Nadi shodhan can be its common name on steemit because I have seen people using it often.
But According to Patanjali yoga sutra, it's is a part of kapalbhati and can we practiced with so many different ways.

In one you have to set your breathe rhythm on Om.

I did this but it didn't worked well as it should be.

In that book there were mention that if you are doing this for 1 month how many inhale and exhale you should do while exercising.
For example inhale= 10 times exhale = 8 time (this is just example not real data).

I was little confused so I decided to follow Lord Shankara or Shiva words in the another book named shiva samhita.

That's within gap of 6 hours, do 20 times nadi shodhan for life long. He mentioned that since duration of inhalation and exhalation differs it creates pressure on Kundalini and can possibly push it in direction of awakening.

But instructions are clearly mentioned that this exercise can cost you life later.

But it's also mentioned that three months of regular practice your body may become disease free.

So, I thought it is better to practice untill then and leave it after that. But I instead of doing 4 times did it three times.

Impact was nice as expected in accordance with text. I sometimes marked with fever.


I didn't follow all steps but still I can say I followed 60% of precautions about food eating associated with that.
Like when you have to feed on milk, or white food avoid spices etc. These where to prevent unknown illness.

Most chilling fact is that there are 8 to 10 human ever existed since the origin of this universe who had mastered these all steps and are still immortal but rest died.

Because this act of teasing Pran and Apan vayu and neutralizing the effect of Karma are against Nature rule and this definitely create such death situation especially against wrong doers that even Lord Shiva can't save him; this is mentioned as direct statement in shiv swaroday book.

In both books this is one statement of lord Shiva," O! Godess, that's completly true his death will never ever come. He will never die. This is true... true... and completly true."

Step 2:

I did meditation it was a great experience since it provides peace to my mind.
And till that I found my memories and understanding to a new level.

Step 3:

What Mantra can do that I realised in March 2019. At somewhere I read that chanting Gayatri Mantra before meditation is a good things.
So, I did the same. You won't believe just the same day I focused on Gayatri centre of my body that's a point where two line one from between two eyebrow and another from both ears meet.

And I chanted the mantra. All of a sudden I felt intense joy in my heart. It was like a while small energetic particle just started moving from my kundalini point from bottom to head piercing my heart with eternal happiness.

I was depressed and wasn't even thinking about anything. In such condition intense happiness why?

My body started showing few adjustments of my back that I can feel. It started happening fastly. My eyeballs shifted to another adjustment internally, I can't sleep when I close it. I could only do meditation and in place of dream it's the energy and happiness that now was happening. One more thing that I felt was the location of third eye. When you are tensed you can twist your forehead skin voluntary but after this case I can't.

I now wanted to quit since I started suffering from massive headache.

I learn a lot many things then. This incident forced me to believe in all such ancient text. It took me 20 days to get out from pain and 7 days to get a nice sleep.

This incident arose a stark terror inside me about meditation and its for sure that I will surely not perform meditation unless and untill its is highly necessary.

As for tension and mental peace I found Bhagwat Geeta to be best book.

Its after two month when I read this book inside which I found description of eternal happiness which was similar to my case (in 13th chapter.)

So, that's why indeed meditation is greatest thing but I can't do this for kundalini devi awakening. And even I am scared to perform it for mental peace.
What I realize that you must let your body to that level so that it can bear the eternal energy otherwise you are letting yourself closer to death not towards immortality.

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 last year 

Wonderful insight @saun. There are certain methods I can't due for the same reasons. Sometimes even a basic breath has the same effect. I try different methods to see what works.

I have found a guided meditation that helps immensely with my headaches and migraines. I have found a few things that help me sleep but nothing consistent. It really has been trial and error to see what works. Meditation isn't for everyone, we just need to find what works for ourselves.

With a bit of retrospect, I do suggest joining our SMG with @bewithbreath. I have found that while I may not be able to join in or sit down for the meditation itself, that the focus for the checklist he uses has been again, immensely helpful.

And here's one of my personal favorites and I hear a load of positive feedback on.
talk down.jpg

Thanks for suggestion Gentleman! Meditation indeed helped me a lot but I think my body is hypersensitive towards it!
Actually, what I wanted to elaborate that people run here and there. They sit and relax but they never feel that is that boring steps is the destination or still they didn't opened a single gate ahead.
But message spreaded that I failed. But actually I surpassed one step and I had a Mentor or group who confirmed this to me!
I will write regarding this!

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 last year 

Have you ever considered having a teacher for meditation?
My experience of meditation were quite different than yours and the benefits I have gained through the practice of meditation have made a marked difference in my life (for the positive)!
It was Vippassana meditation that I took a course in and continue to practice daily in.
We do have group meditations in the Natural Meditation discord server with @bewithbreath leading the meditation.

I cordially invite you to Mindful Life community in the @naturalmedicine server here. We run group meditations and support each other as we grow through conscious awareness. With much love!

MindfulLife.gif Discord 🧘About

 last year (edited)

Thanks @porters! I have seen your book on YouTube. It was awesome.
Yes, meditation surely helped me also. But perhaps what I experienced was one step beyond what is available commonly.
Majority of us are doing meditation and sitting in a position. And for sure, one will get mental peace and other positive benefit but going beyond what happened with me requires greatest masters of Himalayan.
Yeah, I have a mentor too! Well my specialty is natural medicine also.

 last year 

Not everything is for everybody. But, as @porters suggested, a teacher can sometimes be helpful. Try to see it not as a "fix it" but more a state of Being. And that you had one negative experience may be attributable to many things.

Like most awakenings and Journeys of the Hero, you need to go through all the steps. To awaken prematurely or unprepared is unwise and yes, often distressing.

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Really interesting reading this. That kind of energy can be quite confronting to deal with. Glad you have a teacher for it, I always find that work really hard, so I tend to just concentrate on breath. I do love yogic breathing to get me into meditative state and nadi shodhana daily or MORE has been PROVEN to be incredibly effective.

Thanks mam for comments. It was like myth to appear reality. I understand one thing that to get you benefit of Kundalini awekening one should master yoga too. I left meditation because of fear of Kundalini awekening.

Kundalini is called universal mother. And it is mentioned in books and Bhagwat Geeta that pure people can get blessings of Kundalini with ease.
According to legends once it awekened fully I have to leave this world and my mom and dad. And I thought it is not the correct age to be a monk!
You are doing steps and for sure you will be receiving eternal joy at your heart!
That day you will really feel happy!
Thank you!

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 last year 

Hey, it was nice to read this.

I've been taught that kundalini work and any techniques involved it are not to be messed with, unless one has direct teachings from a teacher.

But we don't seem to have any decent, living masters of this kind fo work. I fear it will be lost. Perhaps we are now living in a time when explorers such as ourselves experiment and re-discover what works and what doesn't.

Just a heads-up also.... you may wanna ensure you're citing the sources of your photos...


Thanks you for comments Gentleman! You are right! I will write some another day regarding this.

I am thinking to publish a book on yogic secret.

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