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Just over 15 lbs of Golden Oysters foraged in our backyard! We had to share this stuf with our friends of course.

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Here's a little something I wrote a few weeks ago now, and forgot to post... Things have calmed down since then. Although there's still some stress hanging about, we keep on moving forward in our progress building an education center for Self-reliance, Rewailding and Natural Building.

This week is a bit of a grim one... My wife is out of town for here step-mother's funeral, her brother was supposed to go with here but he overdosed and is in the hospital.

I don't think I've ever had so many things pile up at once on me. If you want to take a quick look at them all here they are:

  • I've had to deal with being forced to sell my apartment in Brooklyn.
  • Putting the pieces of the "building a house" puzzle together (which is no easy task, thanks to all the state and it's regulations!).
  • Moving and sizing back down to an RV from a well packed 1200 sqft house.
  • Getting a puppy in the middle of that... He is very cute and I am happy to have him.
  • Playing and taking care of a 6 year old who's an only child (I want to play, I don't want to be that "work all the time" dad).
  • My wife's step-mother passed away shortly after some drama her daughter put everyone through.
  • My brother in law overdosed and came super close to death. He is still critical in the hospital but he probably won't be the same.
  • And all this ongoing covid bullshit.

Yeah it's just a few things, and some of you may say that's nothing, and that you go through that kind of thing every day. Well I'm sorry if you do. As for me, I'm not used to it and I can definitely see how some people can completely break down when this much pressure is on, all at the same time.

It's crazy how intense life can be sometimes, and yet when you're somewhat stable you get through it no matter what! I am so grateful to be surrounded by friends and family who can help each other when times are tough.


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It's a lot!!!

I have heard it said that when things like this happen, they are being dredged up, so that the negative frequencies they have been bringing to your life can leave.

I'm on board with that!!! Thanks for the insight.

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No wonder you were feeling overwhelmed. That's a lot to deal with for sure. I am glad to hear that things have improved somewhat. There does seem to be a lot of chaos around right now, but it is all part of us letting go so that we can move forward. Blessings to you my friend and I am super jealous of all those oyster mushrooms you have growing on your land.
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Thank you so much @trucklife-family, I really like the idea of chaos being around so we can let go of other things and move on. I had never thought of it that way!

I wish I could sen you some mushrooms without them bing spoiled by the time you got them, we definitely have had an abundance of a few different species these last few years here.

Miss my Hive family... I need to find my way back into it. I feel it's coming tho

That is a lot at once! And even a lot for one life @senorcoconut! I hope you and your 6 year old get to spend a lot more play and less work time together. I know that's what makes all my sadness and challenges not so overwhelming. I also know I feel terrible when my kiddos say "but we want you to plaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay - you are always working"

Yep yep, that's why I want to play with him whenever I can. He gets planty of play time for sure. Sorry for the late reply... been off the Hiuve a little here. All those stressers staked up all at opnce are finally shedding off! There';s not too much left at the moment, we survived !

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