Happy Birthday to me ◇ I killed my first animal, for subsistance, and yes it hurt!

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The heartbreaking pain of the first kill...


It hurt, and I held my hand on this beautiful rabbit, with all the greatfullness and deep compassion I had, until its little heart stopped beating.

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Be warned, this is sort of, a bit like a re-post from our instagram account which can be found under the tag @mugwortexpress. This is an account dedicated entirely to the building of our Neo-trbal Vilage, in the north east united states. If you're interested in joining the build and in creating a life connected to the natural world, please contact me here.

I want to hunt because I want my family and I to eat the cleanest meat possible.

There is so much more to learn in the world of re-wilding. Hunting is one of them, but shooting an animal isn't the only thing you need to know before heading to the plate!

Processing an animal is a whole other thing, and depending on the season, it can be time sensitive.

Last year I picked up a roadkill squirel to teach myself some of this process. It may seem insignificant to some of you, but for first timers, skinning an animal can be very emotional.

This year, for my birthday, I killed my first animal.


Did it hurt? Shit yeah of course, it was fuckin gruesome too... It hurt, and I held my hand on this beautiful rabbit, with all the greatfullness and deep compassion I had, until its little heart stopped beating. I had never taken a knife to any living thing before!

I can still hear the sound it made in that moment of no return!


This rabbit taught me a life lesson, a valuable one I had been looking for, fed a few people and gave us one more push forward in the world of self reliance and rewilding.



I am working on keeping the skin, it is another skill I am interested in learning!


Reconnecting with our human instinct in this way, is like a natural medecine. You must deal with your emotions, unlike picking up a package of your favorite meat off the supermarket shelf! It is very powerful!!!

I might add that knowing how to turn an animal into food is, in my eyes, so much more important than worrying which side of the political spectrum will be in office.

Whatever your beliefs are try to keep moving forward. Keep pushing your dreams and goals, because all the "noise" is created to distract you from being the real you.


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Comfort is an Experience Killer.

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Excellent looking animal!


That's mombun, and her fluffy nest full of baby buns. :)

I wish you could have taken the class I took earlier this year on rabbit processing. It's insanely easy when done right. Did you save the organ meats? I was super impressed by the amount of organ meats in one rabbit.

Good to see you @nateonsteemit!!!!
Yeah I was impressed with how much there was in thers too, we ate the heart, kidneys and all that liver looking stuff.

Good looking mombun! I think we may get into raising them too once we have a "real" house on the property 😁!

Don't forget the lungs, they're quite tasty! They're a little less "organy" than liver, and a little more "organy" than kidneys, but they don't have that special flavor of kidneys or liver. And, according to the native American principle of "like supports like," they're super good for the respiratory system.

So far, the rabbits haven't been as emotionally rewarding as chickens, but they make a lot more poop, which the garden absolutely loves.

Perhaps some of these organs were lungs... not sure. I like the concept "like supports like".


It´s called sustenance in English, but apart from that no objections! 😉
The biggest animal I ever killed was a pike, no mammals though.
I once watched the decapitation of a water buffalo in Kathmandu, during a Hindu festival.
That was an awe-inspiring moment, one blow, the head falls, the body sinks down,
a short tremor and this big animal was gone.
A very spiritual life and death moment.

Hey thanks for that... It was supposed to say "subsistence"!!!!

Ah Kathmandu... what an experience.

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Awesome post. Calling @nateonsteemit and putting aside own squeamishness - what a skill to have man. Enduring rabbits in my garden for first time in ten years - I need to grow a pair and get on with it. However this is a beautiful rabbit - unlike our small ordinary brown ones. Impressed! @riverflows.

I've been summoned.

Aaah thanks for the wonderful praises!!! This little fella was a large rabbit too, so he filled a few bellies 😁.

I'm sure there more humane ways of doing it... it's a learning process!