Mushroom Medicine from France

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Reishi from Burgundy!


Not the most beautiful of specimens but it is wild and available 😁!

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So we're in France helping my dad move from the house he's been in for forty years!!! Yeah it's a pretty big deal, it's a huge house that was owned by his late wife's grandfather. She grew up in that house... can you imagine how much stuff there is in there? That's four generations worth!!!

Now that he is the only surviving owner and France being what France is, in the socialist kind of place that it is... he is forced the pay an insane Inheritance tax of 170,000€ (about 60% of the value of the house). Pure theft, but we're not going to talk about governments in this post.

When my dad brought us to the new house, there it was an old stump by the entrance; reishi...

So yeah I grabed it cut it up in smaller pieces to dry and bring to my sister who's become quite the little witch. She has been making us all sorts of medicinal potions.


Fo those of you who are curious Reishi or Lingzhi it is also known as the mushroom of immortality... Check it out!


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@senorcoconut, Unfortunate to know that you'll had to move from the place where 40 years of memories exists. Sometimes it feels that Taxation is theft and false domination. Hope that new house will going to bring more blessing to you and your family. Stay blessed.

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Thank you so much for that... He is happy and that's what counts!

Welcome and good to know that.

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Reishi is such a wonderful mushroom, it is an adaptogen and really helps your body to deal with external and internal stressors. Such a great find.
That inheritance tax is disgusting, it's the same in Ireland, says a lot really.
I'm back in Spain now, still really hot here at the moment , so good to be back though. Sounds like ye have a lot of work ahead, wishing you smooth sailings with it all xxx

Yeah thanks. It's a big move for him and he has no practice in doing so.

It's hard to see so much stuff being thrown out. But if it's been forgotten about in an attic for so long, it's as good a place in the skips.

Good to hear you're in spain again. I hope Ireland was good for you.

You’ve been visited by @porters on behalf of Natural Medicine!
So sorry to hear about your dad's situation - that is theft - 60% Yikes! But at least you found some good treasures in the Reishi mushrooms and Bonus - a sister who can make up some concoctions for you! Doesn't get any better than that!

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yeah sis has been intensively learning everything about tinctures and teas for all kinds of ailments!

That's a beautiful reishi. Grew some from cultures in the past - like growing a piece of art.

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