The Reshies are in their way!!!!

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So excited to see that it seems this year is a Reishi year!!!

The first year we had this property, we noticed that there was an abundance of the wonderful elixir of life or the mushroom of immortality as it was named by the Chinese over 2000 years ago. This natural medicine is a preventative medicine.
Taken for its antioxidant and anti-cancer benefits, it makes for a pretty tasty tincture.

That first year we attempted to make a double extraction tincture, have a couple bottles on hand but I'm thinking what we still have is probably too old now??? It was almost 3 summers ago!

What we could do this year is collect a few, dry them in the sun so they can soak up a bit of vitamine D and make more tinctures when the time is right.


We've been so busy durring this covid thing... and now people want to come camping so it's more work than we're cut out for! We make due anyways. In the end it always works out.

We are noving forward pretty fast, but as we have so many project going at once... they all seem to take forever. I'm kind of hoping that one day soin they'll all be done almost at the same tine and then it will feel like we made progress.

Well ok, stay safe out there and find your natural medicine, health sovereignty is its own kind of revolution in this crazy world.

Keep on fighting!!!


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