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Howdy folks'.

I wrote a post that got a comment the lead to a link to something I read half of. It all lead me to writing this post.

Changes you needed to make in your life. Or did make to your life and they had a positive result.

Kind of like if at one time you were in a bad spot and you made a change in some part of your life that changed things and took you away from the bad spot on the rail of life.

There is nothing specific about change. The change can be in attitude, improving physically somehow, giving more assistance or understanding to others. Looking at some parts of life differently. It can be one or all of those in combination, along with all the possible thing I might never think to mention.

Different things effect each of us in a different way. Even a change we make to benefit our self. May have a negative effect on others. Sometimes this negative effect is not seen until things are too late.
There is a whole other debate in that.

At what point in making a change to better our self. Do we stop our own benefit? Because it will have a negative effect on so many others.

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My qualification for writing the following paper is in my ego. Be that a big or small one, there is no authority out there who states that I am qualified. There is no examinations I have taken to show the knowledge I have or think I have about this topic.

Ego and the views I have on life from the one I have lived are all the qualification I have.

The post suggests a personal change made. I read it as a previous change you made, It could also be one you are trying to make right now. Maybe replies could give an answer you need to read.

I am so strongly urged to make a change that will be of benefit to all of us.

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I do not think I know all of what Natural Medicine or Inner Blocks is all about. I probably only know or relate to 10% of what they may talk about (combined). For this change I do not think that makes a difference. I think the change I vision is one that will have some positive impact to all of our lives. At some point all lives come together and merge for the decisions made for a global community.

Needed Changes

People. People need to change. Not how they look or what they do, but the mental side of why they do what they do. The global consciousness is what needs to be changed.

Let's agree to avoid the extremes of provision were entitlement is if someone looks after 2000 cats dogs and other animals they are not entitled to have 250 acres of land and all the food they need to care for these animals. Someone undertaking a task like this would be able to fund it.

It is not to say a project like that cannot be built up over time, it could!

Most everyone you talk to will agree that we have technology and ability to do so many things we do not do as a united people. Division is always put there before us to prevent agreement. Even when we agree a change is needed. The change itself cannot be agreed upon. For a species who needs the companionship of others to remain sane. For a species that survival depends on the co-operation of many of us working together on many different things and bringing many of those things together. That we need all of that and are so intent on just getting for ourselves. Screams! out that something is wrong.

We are not living a natural life. No I do not mean we should all go back to living in tree's or mud huts. Right now we live in what some day will be classed as a reactive society. The consequence of this reactive society is grabbing everything for me. Neighbourly prevention instead of assisting. There is no consideration beyond the immediate now. I think I have a story to fit this.

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Neighbourly prevention by The Hive

Two farmers had a disagreement over a girl when they were both six. They both still hold that memory for some reason that they both wanted the same girl, who eventually ran of with the Preachers son. They even wrote a song about him. Each blamed the other for them not getting the girl that ran away.

Farmer Paddy Mc Goatston raised cows for milking. He had 50 cows and got 200 pint of milk a day. That's one pint per nipple. He was proud of his yield, Many cafe wanted his milk for their Latte. He had 200 acres of land. His cows always had fresh grass to graze on.

Farmer Paddy Mc Fisch he raised chickens. He had a decent house, a big feck off chicken coop. No one knows how many chickens he had cause Paddy could only count to 7. You never bought more than a half dozen eggs from Paddy at a time.
Paddy's eggs were bigger than eggs you could get anywhere else. He said it was the grubs he feeds them. No one ever seen Paddy buy any grubs or have any delivered. He must some how breed his own. Visitors were never asked if they would like to see his grub farm.

Paddy had no pasture for the chickens to roam freely on. He used to let them out in the neighbours field. Years had gone by of him doing this and no one taking any notice. He would let his chickens out after light and take them in before dark. The chickens seemed to know when it was time to go home. During the day they wold work on the 4 day old cow patty's that lay in the field. Scrapping through each pile to find the grubs and dispersing the nutrients back around the soil.

These patches of grass would grow a much better grade of grass for the cows. Giving the quality of milk the cows provided added enrichment.

Years of the same routine Chickens following the cows four days behind had gone unnoticed. Until Wednesday, on a Wednesday Mc Goatston was heading up to fix a tilting post when he noticed the chickens feeding on his land.

The cheek of that low life chicken breeder putting his chickens on his land. Getting all those free grubs. No wonder his eggs are so big and so delicious. They are eating my grubs.

Thoughts about this through the day led to an evening decision. He would go confront Mc Fisch and say he wants payment for the grubs. It's only right after all It is his land, his cows, his patty's. Why shouldn't he get paid for someone else using them.

As the sun begins to dip and the light become drawn with shadows. Wrapped up Mc Goatston sets off to Mc Fisch house. Walking along the Drive he see's Mc Fisch in the yard and heads on over to him.

Efforts to explain that a payment could not be afforded as he does not have any money were dismissed. Looking around he had a house unknown amount of chickens and a barn that covered an acre. He was not short of a penny by far. This was plain to see. Reacting to this obvious lie. Mc Goatston storms off ranting that if he see's one chicken on his and he will be having chicken boobs for dinner.

He Loved those chickens and each one although he could not count them, He could tell you their name and the subtle difference between those looking very similar. He knew he had 7 chickens 7 times and 7 of those sevens. plus 3 7's and 4 chickens. A total of 368 chickens and he knew them all personally he would tell you. Not wanting anything to harm the chickens. The next day he began feeding the chickens from road sides and hills His small compost heap was only good for emergencies during winter time and not for extended periods of time.

His egg yield began to drop and also the size of the egg. The scavenging of spiders and other insects is just do match for the chunkier meatier grub. What can be done though, It is not his land cows or patty's, maybe he will just have to find a way to get money. He never needed money before. The baker would always leave him bread (sometimes even one of those cakes with cream) for 7 and 6 eggs.

Mc Fisch worked everything out in the price of eggs in tray of 7 or less. The butcher would give him meat for 7 eggs counting to 4. He liked the butcher. The butcher would like to have a job like his, One day the butcher told him so. He wished he had an eggciting job like his. The butcher always had an egg joke. All of his needs were paid for by trade of eggs.

Over on the Mc Goatston farm, the milk yield was dropping. No longer an average of a pint per nipple. Just under half a pint on average. The quality of the milk was dropping too. It no longer held that same creaminess it did a couple of month back. That Mc Fisch must have done something cause I wouldn't let him on my land. Demand for his milk was dropping. The same was true for Mc Fisch eggs.

A further confrontation with Fisch will be needed and even at this later hour. Goatston was on his way to have his say. On arrival, No Fisch in sight. The lights of hi house all dark, like the place is abandoned at night. Then a voice hollers from the barn. This way over here, I'll be right down to open the barn door. C'mon over.

Reaching the barn door and stepping in to see no chickens. Left Mc Goatston dumbstruck. Before asking he was prompted to climb the ladder, "Up top there right and through that first door" Off set from his goals of why he came to Mc Fisch house he climbed and entered a small room. A tiny wood burning stove lit up most of the room. One candle on a round table by a chair illuminated 3 or 4 old magazines. The room itself looked pretty bare. Just the essentials.

"Give me just a second to freshen up" looking around and seeing no one, "Up here" said with a hint of trickery in the voice. "Just filling up the tank for a shower, I wont be long two more buckets should do it. There's a chair over there by the window you can use."

15 minutes later Mc Fisch returns with a towel drying his hair. " Sorry", "Yea sorry about that. I just got finished crawling that chicken coop" "It's better to not let too much mess build up". "So then what can I help you with?"

"Chicken coop?". "What chicken coop?"

"Oh. The house. The House, I converted that to a chicken coop. That made room to build this storage bay. I use this corner to live in. It gets the last of the evening sun and is the warmest."

"You turned the house into a chicken coop?"

"Yes Sir". "These two hands right here. Stripped it down put five floors in for the chickens. There's 7 + 3 rows of 7 + 4 in there. for 4 floors and some extra on the smaller 5th space."

"Whats all the barn storage for?"

"That's repairing things. The side door down the way. That's for recycle items. must be about 4 ton of metal down there for collection. Beside that then you have the posts and then beams. Need those for repairing the border fence. Sometimes me clambering over them weakens or damages them. So I have a stockpile there for repairs. The local lumber lads drop a few in from time to time for some fresh eggs for breakfast. Boy, When they say a few they bring a truck load. Used up 3 bays once. Replaced the whole fence that year if it needed or not, ha."

Mc Goatston, thinking back can't remember having to fix the fencing on this side of the field ever.

"Anyway's Mr Mc Goatston, I been thinking about the payment, and maybe I could do a box of 7 eggs a day and 1 free. The box just happens to have room for the extra 1."

Piece by piece some things made Mc Goatston. Although not with remuneration. With effort and time Mc Fisch had saved Mc Goatston a fortune on repairs. His chickens had also spread the fertiliser across his land. He had fed his chickens at no cost to Mc Goatston and improved the yield and quality of the milk. At no point did he take advantage of MC Goatston.

The time it took to see the negativity of a selfish action caused much loss. In this instance it opened much light. Mc Goatston and Mc Fisch now Sponsor a School out reach tutoring program and have converted the barn to an educational facility. The facility provides pick up services for under privileged or struggling family's in the local and surrounding area's.

It began with a guilty feeling Mc Goatston had from assuming the worst from Mc Fisch. That is a whole other story for a time sometime ahead.

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Sometimes it is by not imposing a financial cost that we can grow and prosper by working together. By imposing a cost on another for personal growth and placing prevention in front of another. Both farmer and the end consumer lost in a dispute like this.
Working together in support of each other is what will grow a community.

The story shows the reactionary measures we take for the limited view we hold. A change to this reactionary behaviour which is a behaviour we are educated to. Not a natural one. Our natural state is to want to understand. Driven into us by the system of current society is react now, understand later. Kill or be killed. Shoot first or die attitude.

With any change made there has to be support for the change. Support for the change is not limited to deciding what that change should be. After that decision. Support is needed. How it will be funded. What the funding provided will do. Is it something that will always need an external support. External support, available while profitable.

Just like @nauralmedicine and @innerblocks Show great steps in their efforts. They need support. For the foreseeable future they will too. Then after that, even before. New projects will need support. Eventually, new support will not be or have any financial material benefit on Steemit. Support will be needed from other sources. Possibly sponsorship from large company. Who by remaining within the law will eventually take control over the project and turn it for personal gain.

This is something I think can be avoided by the creation of The Hive. Oh look at that, the same same is writing a post now. That is pure coincidence.

Making the change will be great. Along side of that change. There needs to be provision. Provision for the needs the change will have. This support is what is generally missed with many projects. We need to be able to provide the road we want people to travel on, so they can reach the final destination we build.

The change that will benefit us all I see is in a change of how we think. Returning back to the benefits of assisting and away from the reaction.

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That was a great read, I hope you win the contest. I loved the cow and chicken story. Synergy, an old work buzz word that never really did what they hoped it would so it was abandoned as a not so good tool. (in other words the boss's lost out a lot).

Thank you. Took an unexpected turn with the story. Synergy still exists. They just give it a new name with more words.

Yup sometimes it is not the cost that should be looked at. but the benefits.

 last year 

Love the story - a great illustration to show that community and neighbourliness can help us have more rewarding and rewarded lives. A nice kind of synergy. It's how innerblocks and nm see each other - as neighbours, that can help each other out to grow. Thanks for your thoughtful entry!

The pleasure of expression is always mine. :)

Hugs to you. I loved that story and the great message behind it. People often do not care to see the real heart and feelings of another and act without thinking. I wish our world leaders get to change their mind about saving the planet before it is too late from pollution, terrorism and other ills

That is up to us to change things.

Waiting for another to change things. Well we have been waiting for centuries.

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What a great story, exemplifying how there are so many levels of exchange between neighbors, most of which are far beyond monetary value.

Each time we make a change we shake the Butterfly tree. The wings of many butterfly begin to fly, there is millions of butterfly effects to one action sometimes.

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