Medicine Blocks Challenge

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Hello my friends!!

I wanted to take this opportunity, to participate in the challenge created by the @naturalmedicine community, and the @innerblocks community... Let's look at the criteria:

This challenge asks you to consider the blocks that you have experienced, or might be experiencing, to a way of life, thinking or being that is more nourished, supportive and healthy. It's brought to you by both @innerblocks and @naturalmedicine, and there are lots of prizes on offer! Both of us are contributing 30 Steem each to the prize pool, with some additional LOTUS tokens to be won!

Certainly, positive reasons to participate... right?! Also...

We're not asking you to 'fix' yourself in a way that might suggest there is something 'wrong' with you at all - only to consider the barriers that might prevent your inner lotus blossoming.

Use #naturalmedicine and #innerblocks as one of your first 5 tags. It doesn't matter which one you choose to put first. We're all in this challenge together!

This is close to my heart, as I have been quite absent on the blockchain, dealing with one of my Multiple Sclerosis flare-ups... This is a terrible disease, that hits when it wants, and stays as long as it wants. I try to remain positive, but more often than not, have to lay down and wait for the "wave" to ride out... Let me take you on my journey, to see what this challenge means to me...

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Kindly used by permission from @riverflows

July - 2016

A day I will never forget... after daily calls from my Neurologist, and visits to take yet "more" MRI's, the diagnosis wasn't something I was prepared for...

"You have Multiple Sclerosis"...

I had migraines since I was 16 but never thought this was something I would be dealing with. I worked for a company for 11 years, that was on a location of a "prior" business ( same building, different name) that used a chemical degreaser known as Trichloroethylene, or TCE. I won't go into great detail, because there is just too much to remember... much of which I don't care to, but this is a terrible chemical; half of the employees, people, friends... that I worked with, have passed away from health issues linked to this chemical. There is a Class Action Lawsuit, but the goal, in my opinion, is to wait until we are "all gone". Anyway... my Mom was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis when she was 20 and is now almost 76; M.S. is not hereditary, my friends... she has lesions on her brain... whereas I have lesions on my brain, neck, and spine. So... it is my opinion, that being exposed to over ten-thousand times, the permissible levels of TCE "turned on" my M.S.

So this has made me "re-think" many things in life... both from a natural standpoint, as well as my inner-blocks standpoint... These are things I would never have thought of... natural... inner-blocks? I was more intent on being upset, being devastated... wanting to "get back" at the people and companies responsible for this life-changing diagnosis. But as I have got older, I have realized something...

Negativity breeds Negativity...

This would constitute a change in my inner-blocks (thank you @freedompoint and @freedomtowrite for coming into my life and introducing me to this mindset). Holding in this negativity towards people, companies, empty buildings, is not going to make the Multiple Sclerosis go away. So... tried a different approach:

Positivity breeds Positivity...


Through both natural methods, as well as my inner-blocks... there are various ways to continue this positive flow...

  • Music: The universal language; no matter what the genre; country, rock, classical... anything that makes you smile... if it gets your foot tapping, it beats being upset!

  • Blockchain: As you can see, I am here... participating in this challenge. If something I share, helps you to get past a negative "bump" in your road... then I have done something positive!

  • Hobbies: Reading a book, building something... last St. Pat's Day, I helped my granddaughter build a "Leprechaun Trap"... it made her day, and took the mind of my own issues, and focused on her smiles and giggles!

I have also tried to learn about natural ways to relieve my pain, anxiety, and "negative vibe"... (thank you @riverflows for allowing me into your community)...

I had discussed this in a previous post, but it's worth highlighting again...

  • Turmeric: Known for its anti-inflammatory properties, and I love the taste. I add it to anything food-wise (not icecream lol) to enhance the flavor, and reap those "natural" benefits.

  • Ginger: If you want to offset the "bite" from the Turmeric, Ginger is a great addition... digestion, nausea, and again; another anti-inflammatory.

  • CBD: I was talking with @freedompoint about this, in the @innerblocks community... though it takes more than just the CBD alone, I have found great relief from rubbing this salve on my temples, legs, neck... anywhere I am experiencing pain... slap some CBD on!

I will have access to Medical Cannabis sometime next year and plan on (hopefully) being completely "Big Pharma" free. I have told my Neurologist that I am done with any type of M.S. medications... I have been on three, and the side-effects were worse than what I was taking them for. God provided us with wonderful plants... we should be able to freely use them. I am in no way condoning illegal use of things that are illegal in your area. Also... I am certainly not providing you with medical experience; these are my opinions, and if it works for me, I want to share it with you!!

Multiple Sclerosis has sadly affected my brain function... my ability to remember, concentrate... all things I never used to suffer from. So I apologize if my post seems to be a "ramble"... (sorry @shadowspub... no pun intended). We are free to choose what we do in our lives... why not make those choices positive? I hope these things I have discussed, have perhaps given you a "hey... that's a good idea" moment. I want to thank everyone in the @naturalmedicine community as well as the @innerblocks community, for being positive examples of what we can do... not only in our "blockchain" travels... but our "real life" journeys. What are some things that you have done to amplify your natural inner-blocks?



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I'm so glad you've come to a positive place with all of it. It's much easier to hate and be mad. It takes a lot more courage and strength of character to build yourself up in a positive way. As much as you're thankful for Inner Blocks, we are thankful to have you as part of it! You bring a ray of sunshine with you wherever you go.

Thank you for such kind words, my friend. If sharing positive thoughts and energy, creates a desire for other's to feel the same... then I'm doing what I was trying to do :)

And nailing it!

I read this yesterday and wanted to make sure to have time to come back and write a comment worthy of it. My boyfriend's dad was diagnosed with Parkinson's a few years back, and we can't help but wonder if it is the result of being exposed to so many toxic things after working with machinery for so many years. Especially since he was born in Poland not long after the second World War. My own grandmother had lung issues after working around asbestos, though we were blessed to have her for quite a long time. It's hard not to get overwhelmed in thinking about what we are all still exposed to each day through the food we eat and toiletries we use, even just the air that we breath.

Despite all that, though, you are a shining example of positivity and just how important that is!! I know if I see your name pop up on my feed it is going to be a joy to read. I have a hard time keeping up with everything on here, yet I see you dropping gems of light all over the blockchain even when I know you might not be feeling your best! That's one of the beauties of challenges like this--we can all face our own blocks, but together and with the support of an understanding community. Thank you for continuing to inspire me to share my own light and love as I go through my own journey of life. 💚

Thank you, my friend...your comment made me smile...

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As I read your post I could not stop asking my mind how many times we are exposed to harmful substances and how they affect us and sometimes we do not know that they are the cause of our ills.
Thank you for sharing your experience which will undoubtedly help others to read and meditate on it.
I love taking curcuma with ginger and lemon, I quickly feel its anti-inflammatory effect and in my case toning the digestive system.
Keep staying active!

 last year 

Your positivity is always so inspiring and I admire you so much for it. I did not know it wasnt hereditary and I didnt know about the TCE.. thanks for sharing. Wishing you love and strength and light always xxx Thanks so much for your entry 💕💕💕💕🌻🌻🌻🌻

Thank you for the kind words. TCE also has terrible effects on our bodies Trigeminal Nerves... this is a world wide issue, but when you are living it... well, you already know dear friend. Appreciate your support and friendship..

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Thanks for share your thoughts

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Thanks for the visit @shuvo35

You are constantly in my prayers @wesphilbin 🙏🙏 always take care! 😊😊

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Thank you dear friend... truly appreciate your support and kind words...

Great read. I had to tweet it. <3

Means alot coming from you, dear friend. Hope you are doing ok... thanks for the share love

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I am so glad that you wrote this! I have never taken any drugs for my MS. I have always been more afraid of the drugs than I am of the disease. My neurologist finally believes that I am not going to take them and has stopped pushing. I only need him for Rxs for hardware.. like mobility scooter, so I go once a year for his appointment and play the game. I was diagnosed in 2000. MS sucks.

Oh my friend, I understand the struggle. I've been on Aubagio, Techfidera, Copaxone Self Injections, combined with the many other meds for "everything else". Just not worth it... I am the poster child for side effects lol... positive mindset and prayer!!

I agree that is the best strategy for me! Sending you lots of good energy.


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