Show me your papers! But who is the enemy? Life in France getting crazy

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Here in France we now have to carry papers which prove our identity, our address, the time we left our home and why.

  • If we are out for more than an hour we will be fined.
  • If we are out for any reason except exercise, food shopping or medical emergencies we will be fined.
  • If we go 1000m beyond our home for exercise we will be fined.
  • If we are standing less than 2m from anyone not from our household we will be fined.
  • If we are travelling in a car with people who are not from our household we will be fined.
  • If we gather in groups of more than two people from outside our household we will be fined.
  • Last but not least, if we are caught outside our home without our up-to-date papers we will be fined.

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I didn't think they were enforcing these rules around until I heard from the Mayor's assistant today that the police are now patrolling our village and just this morning caught an elderly man doing his recycling without his papers. The recycling bins were 30m from the man's home, yet wouldn't you know it... he was fined.

Can you see how close we are already to the occupied France of WW2?

I am being completely serious when I tell you we are being encouraged to report our neighbours for breaking any of these rules. Just call the police, let them know your concerns. Perhaps you heard someone coughing a little too much? Or perhaps you saw them standing too close to a stranger or coming home with too much food? Be a good little informer and you will be less likely to see any trouble of your own. See how this works?

Rationing is already in place in our supermarkets where the tills themselves don't permit us to buy anything beyond the minimum. With the food supply here dwindling it won't be long now before the government have the power to enter our homes and check exactly how much food we have, removing it from us if they believe it to be beyond a reasonable amount.

It is unclear where our allotment falls in all of these rules. Gardening is exercise in many ways so I think for now we are okay to grow our own food, but for how much longer I wonder? When the people go hungry will our fruit & vegetables be taken from us by government officials?


One thing I can say with certainty is that each week the rules and the punishments becomes more and more extreme. And all the while I keep wondering where is that furious Yellow Vest movement which fought for our freedom here? And where is that fiery French spirit known for calling on revolutions? Oh yeah, everyone is at home too afraid to come outside. In part because of the military presence on their streets and in part because of an imaginary pandemic. Or should we say plandemic?

Who is the enemy?

Many of you want to believe the virus is the enemy but you are wrong. This is what they want you to believe because in fact it is YOU. You are the enemy and your civil liberties are being stripped from under your nose. They will likely be returned to you eventually but they will never look the same again.

There is a storm coming so the hatches are being battened.

Don't wan't any sails flapping when the wind is strong.

This ship only has one direction.

Grow food/bury food

Everyone has been buying food recently but few people have considered sealing it in a container and burying it in the ground, somewhere it wont be found. This is what we have done because it is only a question of time in my opinion before government officials or hungry people are eyeing up all that food we thought we had stashed away for our families.

Regardless of all the above, with every new shoot that pushes its way through the earth, I do feel a little bit better.


Many times over the last few years I have come to the conclusion there is nothing more important than to be growing our own food. Even if we lose everything here they can never take away our experience.

Don't forget to keep on collecting the kind of knowledge which will be useful in the Brave New World you intend to be a part of.

Love & Light to you my friends.


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Fear is what is killing us more then the virus. People need to understand that this virus is just an excuse for the extreme policing that they want to do which is one of the agendas towards the One world Government. It's scary to what we are really leading to. A lot of people become emotional over this whole thing and think what they are doing is all justified, but this is just the tip of the iceberg. It is not very far when we will be all living in a Police state absolutely with no freedom to breathe also.

Agreed. Most people not ready to for this kind of information. They are still living in that comfortable feeling matrix. Even when it is done they will likely still not see it! This game has been played very well. Almost feels like they have done this before.

Wow! That is absurd and scary! I'm happy you are growing your own food for if they have taken it this far who knows how far they will actually go!
Take care and i hope this comes to an end soon!

If (as many believe) the beginning of April brings us a wave of hope (through the secret actions of Trump to bring down the elite) we will know it was all worth it! On the other hand, if nothing happens, it is time to dig in for the long stay. Either way, it is gonna be fun!

I'm not surprised at what's happening in France. The UK won't be far behind if this keeps up.

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