Show me your papers! But who is the enemy? Life in France getting crazy

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Here in France we now have to carry papers which prove our identity, our address, the time we left our home and why.

  • If we are out for more than an hour we will be fined.
  • If we are out for any reason except exercise, food shopping or medical emergencies we will be fined.
  • If we go 1000m beyond our home for exercise we will be fined.
  • If we are standing less than 2m from anyone not from our household we will be fined.
  • If we are travelling in a car with people who are not from our household we will be fined.
  • If we gather in groups of more than two people from outside our household we will be fined.
  • Last but not least, if we are caught outside our home without our up-to-date papers we will be fined.

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I didn't think they were enforcing these rules around here until I heard from the Mayor's assistant today the police are now patrolling our village and just this morning caught an elderly man doing his recycling without his papers. The recycling bins were 30m from the man's home, yet wouldn't you know it... he was fined.

Can you see how close we are already to the occupied France of WW2?

I am being completely serious when I tell you we are being encouraged to report our neighbours for breaking any of these rules. Just call the police, let them know your concerns. Perhaps you heard someone coughing a little too much? Or perhaps you saw them standing too close to a stranger or coming home with too much food? Be a good little informer and you will be less likely to see any trouble of your own. See how this works?

Rationing is already in place in our supermarkets where the tills themselves don't permit us to buy anything beyond the minimum. With the food supply here dwindling it won't be long now before the government have the power to enter our homes and check exactly how much food we have, removing it from us if they believe it to be beyond a reasonable amount.

It is unclear where our allotment falls in all of these rules. Gardening is exercise in many ways so I think for now we are okay to grow our own food, but for how much longer I wonder? When the people go hungry will our fruit & vegetables be taken from us by government officials?


One thing I can say with certainty is that each week the rules and the punishments becomes more and more extreme. And all the while I keep wondering where is that furious Yellow Vest movement which fought for our freedom here? And where is that fiery French spirit known for calling on revolutions? Oh yeah, everyone is at home too afraid to come outside. In part because of the military presence on their streets and in part because of an imaginary pandemic. Or should we say plandemic?

Who is the enemy?

Many of you want to believe the virus is the enemy but you are wrong. This is what they want you to believe because in fact it is YOU. You are the enemy and your civil liberties are being stripped from under your nose. They will likely be returned to you eventually but they will never look the same again.

There is a storm coming so the hatches are being battened.

Don't wan't any sails flapping when the wind is strong.

This ship only has one direction.

Grow food/bury food

Everyone has been buying food recently but few people have considered sealing it in a container and burying it in the ground, somewhere it wont be found. This is what we have done because it is only a question of time in my opinion before government officials or hungry people are eyeing up all that food we thought we had stashed away for our families.

Regardless of all the above, with every new shoot that pushes its way through the earth, I do feel a little bit better.


Many times over the last few years I have come to the conclusion there is nothing more important than to be growing our own food. Even if we lose everything here they can never take away our experience.

Don't forget to keep on collecting the kind of knowledge which will be useful in the Brave New World you intend to be a part of.

Love & Light to you my friends.


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Hi...and, sorry my friend

Don't forget to keep on collecting the kind of knowledge which will be useful in the Brave New World you intend to be a part of.

You obviously do not heed your own words.

In these times you do not speak of burying food - they are watching the web and what would you do if they come around and knock you about a bit, demanding you show them where you buried it?

What you do to protect your family, you do not tell ANYone, not even other family. Please do not take chances with the lives of your family.

I promise you, I am not being extreme, things ARE getting tha bad!

What would I do? I would laugh at them and explain that my physical life is very different to the fictional life I portray on the internet. And I would congratulate myself for apparently providing a believable story!

But if they really are watching me they would already know this.

Nothing to worry about my friend. Though I do appreciate how you always seek to protect me. You are really an amazing individual. Thank you for that.


I want to ask for something, but without you feeling any pressure if you cannot help.

I have been trying to create a web site (it has been more than 10 years since I last did and cannot seem to get to grips with it, even though WordPress makes it easier).

The web site does have a good purpose, as I speak to many from poor countries who are suffering...not because of poverty, but because any success in securing their future is instantly destroyed by some crooked official - same happens here whjere I live, but to a much lesser degree. We still have a certain degree of the old British Law.

I think my concept solves their problem, ensuring they have assets in other countries, which their govts cannot attach.

I do not have real money for paying someone to help me, but I would gladly give about Steem 700 if that is what it takes to get it going. If it then does catch on and have some turnover, I would then be glad to employ the same person on a part time basis, if they are interested.

Do you know anyone who could/would help?

Wow that is some crazy things to fine people for. Stealing money from people while they take away freedom and force job losses and food shortages on us😡

All a bit mad really. But we are okay! Just doing what we do :)

Glad you are all okay.

The spirit you talk about here in france, this spirit for revolution i can't feel at all anymore either. "Everyone" is giving in on whatever imposed, brainless and just wanting some more internet and sugar... even the ones i thought of to be capable to start this rEvolution.

"Best" friends keeping "social distancing", refusing to sing and play music together, though not have been moving out of the homesteads surroundings and without extern contacts for weeks. But there are folks like you and me, not giving up on the saneness of humanity.

Luckily, then this has already impacts who will stay for generations, this damage is huge and directed by some bad actors. Long live the agenda! It's so sad that most are still blind or want to go back into this illusion/matrix.

Be safe and assured, that there are still "some" Rebels around... to keep at least some folks sane and sound!

The matrix is a comfortable place and to step outside of it is probably one of the most difficult things a person can do.

Thank you for the assurance there are still some rebels around. I know you are right and I also know that over these next few years we will group together and become stronger.

See you there.

For sure we are!

I made this meme the other day as a joke to send to my family WhatsApp group - A Suggestion for what the Australian Government could do...It's not far from the truth in places around the world though I guess.

WhatsApp Image 2020-03-23 at 22.01.32.jpeg

I have been wanting to say "Show me your papers!" for the last few days, since I heard this latest list of rules. I can think of no better words to describe our current situation. Good call with the meme. It is coming for all of us. Some countries just slower than others because the people there won't accept it as easily as the French.

I think the the phrase needs to be said at the right volume level though right? And with the right accent...Only then will it have the right effect. Lol

Here in Australia we don't have papers although if they lock down suburbs I wouldn't be surprised to hear that address identification is required. The sheeple here will accept it of course...Our last uprising was the Eureka Stockade rebellion in 1854

We're due for one...2020 could be the Great aussie toilet paper rebellion!

We have been preparing for this scenario for years now. We grow our own food also. Here in Northeast, USA, spring is here and seedlings are started indoors from our own seed bank , we grow enough to last until the next harvest. Love that we live in a small mountain town with only 500 people. Lots of space here. We go for days without seeing a living soul, except of course our feathered and four legged friends, fine by me.
Homesteading and being self sufficient feels good during these truly weird and sad times.
Good luck to you and your family.

It always gives me hope when I hear about others who are perfectly poised to thrive at this time through their connection to Mother Nature. She has been calling us. And many of us heard her call. Thank you for connecting with me again and all the best to you :)

Hi Sam - great to see you in the Hive!
Very wise post ... grow people grow! -Self sufficiency is once again one of the most valuable currencies!

Keep well bro =D

Great thought there. "The most valuable currency is self sufficiency"

I really like that. Especially here in crypto world where there are so many currencies!

Thank you for your support brother. I trust you are safe & prepared.

'Ver are yo' papars? (that was the line all the bad guys used)

And I do like that line! Kinda reminds me of 'Allo 'Allo. Did you ever watch that?

Fines = wealth extraction + totalitarianism.

It behove's everyone to get onto the streets in these situations (just gotta convince them to disregard the 'fear by design' CONora virus)
I see people in the UK are telling the authorities to fuck off with their 'rules'.

Once the shock of 'certain death' - that isn't - has worn off, there will be a push back. (there better be).And the french are very good at this!

Man I hope you are right. Everyone here just seems so braindead. Don't worry Sam, it will all be over soon. Yeah right. Not till you get up off your arse and do something! Do you know what the best-selling product is here? A machine which increases internet speed by X10. All people really care about is the internet and honestly I am hoping it gets switched off for a period. It would do people good! income and no food is a great motivator to get onto the streets.
(and no money to pay for the internet !lol)

The economic pandemic they are forcing on us has been my largest fear since the shelves began emptying at the stores. Now most businesses are closed and many wont be able to pay their rents and creditors. The democrats here tried to include a plan to destroy paper money here and create a digital wallet owned/ran by the not so Federal Reserve. I hope everyone is watching what you are going through as it will be telling what is probably coming everywhere. Stay safe.

I posted this for exactly that reason. I believe these kind of rules will be ultimately set up everywhere. The only reason some countries are moving faster than others is because some nations are more accepting than others. Apparently the French are the easiest to sway!

The death of paper money is on the agenda for sure.

You too my friend. Stay safe.

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Dang, the Germans have occupied the whole world again:P
Stay safe:)

Feels very much like we have been occupied.

Crap... I better not tell anyone my dad was Jewish!

The second job I had past my dad was caddying for Wayne and Shuster when I was 13. I was a good goy and carried a double. They were generous. I've worked for many Jewish people in my life and I've never met one I thought was bad or evil.
From my perspective, the sooner humanity comes to see that we are ALL being played the likelier it will be that we won't commit violence against each other for the archons as that is what they want. Humanity must not give it to them.
All the best to you:)

I'm not surprised at what's happening in France. The UK won't be far behind if this keeps up.

Lockdown: An Unnecessary Measure

Yep. I think many people are waking up now to the globalist control system. But will they ever leave their homes on mass to do something about it?

Thanks for the link.

Indeed. Amazing how the protests worldwide (Hong Kong, France, etc.) disappeared overnight. Were those protests real or just controlled opposition? I'm sure the low-level soldiers being pummeled by police were real but the leadership ???