Let's transcend the 'End' of work.

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Image taken from Permaculture Design Notes Kickstarter

We have all heard the idea. Robots and artificial intelligence will run the world, there will be no more jobs left. Oh by golly I hope they give us all checks (aka UBI) so that we can keep buying products from the robots!




Taken from Designer Money for a Machine-Run Post-Covid World on CoinDesk.com.

"The battle may be unwinnable". What an incredibly defeatest argument about a topic that has, by its own admission, 'proved largely unfounded"! This is the same Malthusian pessamism that has plagued the human race for at least 500 years.


According to this theory, which is still in play today, the more people there are, the less abundance there is, so we must accept catastrophe such as plague and famine to return to a world of abundance (with less people). These same eugenicists engaged in sterilization experiments around the world, and the same tendencies exist today in organizations like the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation for Population Control.

But this long misproven theory is indeed false!

We can live in a world of abundance and prosperity. We can design it and live it, respecting individual liberties and many freedoms, the very same freedoms that people are all over the world losing today. Freedom of Movement. Freedom of Expression. Freedom of Assembly. We can design a voluntarist society.


Much of the first layer work is already very far advanced. Across the internet one is able to find immense quantities of information on individual apparatus, structures, machines and other engineering and design. There is doubtless more work to do perfecting each technology, but currently the urgency lies in the implementation.

We must begin implementing the design principles into our lives! One person I highly respect, Delvin Solkinson is making a book dedicated to the implementation of these principles into the daily live of each person. It is currently met its fundraiser goal on kickstarter and is heading for a stretch goal or two in the remaining two weeks of the campaign.


This book is a result of his 18 year journey studying with the best and the brightest in Permaculture, starting with the venerable Bill Mollison. After two decades of incredible work, this capstone project allows him to share with the world the best practices in some of the most importance areas where humans desperately need redesign right now. In his own words:


Since this project is fully funded, there is no risk in preordering your copy today, during the kickstarter. At the time of writing, the kickstarter is about twenty book presales away from unlocking the color version, and shortly behind that is the very noble goal of paying the artists. Printing of another valuable project, the Permaculture Design Elements Game, would come in later if $17,777 is donated.


When we analyze the world from this perspective, we suddenly realize that whether or not there are 'jobs' available, there is clearly a lot of work to do! So many lifetimes of dedicated work designing and implementing improved, healthy, wise and abundant systems.

But what about the robots?

Artificial intelligence can do what it is programmed to do. But it is the interpretation of the results of such programmed algorithms that come down to one simple fact: The WHY is always human. While it is theoretically possible to live in a world where robots made robots who farmed food to feed humans, and issued us so-called 'universal basic income' scrip to make sure we each didn't eat more than our fair share....who would want to live in that world? The only way that world gets designed is if some human designs it and why would we let that happen???

Instead, let's design the right kind of world. One in which we are grateful for the energy from the sun, the multiplicity (cornicopia!) of natural species and the intricate clever design of continually doing more with the abundance of each new day.

That's the world we want to live in, and that's the one we are helping to design. We have contributed to Delvin's Project, and are eagerly awaiting 10 copies, hopefully in color.


In this way, we were able to take some of our participation in the fakemoney system and transform it into essential guides for designing a better future. We recommend you do the same.

Pre-Order your copy of Permaculture Design Notes Today!

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That book sounds cool! I adore permaculture. I once did a free course online and it was really interesting. I mapped my balcony for it. ;)

And I have seen the great work you have done with such a small space! Here its spring/summer all year....but I imagine each year you can redesign the balcony....we did something like that with Grandma in Florida, great success with basil 🤗

If you have any interested friends/family/followers I would appreciate the share, I can send you a book I ordered a few extra! Delvin has been my mentor for a Permaculture Diploma and he is good people.

You're getting a diploma? That's awesome. :D I do rearrange the balcony a bit every year trying new things. :) I also learn a lot from my failures, which I've had plenty of, lol. I will totally share the Kickstarter!

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