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Thank y'all so much for your help with my little tree project! I ordered the trees on friday, so here's the rundown:

I cashed out $80 in LTC after coinbase fees. I was waiting for it to get up to $90, but crypto just keeps falling, so I cashed out before it hit $70 lol

Because of shipping costs, I opted to buy trees from a different supplier, one that still has a good reputation and grows in a similar climate to me. If I'd gone with the original supplier, I'd have only been able to get four trees. Instead I was able to get eight!


TyTy in Georgia even had a 5% off coupon for a $60 minimum order. So that saved a few bucks to where I could add an extra native persimmon tree! The total was two pink lady apple trees (Melissa's favorite apple), two red Haven peach trees (it's the south: you can't have too many peaches), and four native persimmons! Understory trees, as @bobbydimitrov pointed out that my overstory is plenty populated with my oaks and pines, and the two baby pecans will join them soon enough. SO. MANY. TREES.

I considered getting blueberries, but went with the persimmon trees because they were more affordable; I'd only have been able to get three blueberry bushes, and they've had trouble here the last time I tried to plant them.

Now that I'll have nearly 40 trees here, I'm going to switch my perennial focus. MOAR STRAWBERRIES! Herbs, strawberries, some kind of bushes (likely allagheny chinquapins), and vines (probably muscadines)! There's a lot to do, and plenty of space to do it.

I don't know when the trees will arrive. The nursery emailed me soon after ordering to let me know that they've had a wet fall and are having trouble harvesting the trees. I told them not to rush and to take as long as the trees and soil needed. More updates to come as information arrives! Thank you all!!!

Not counting volunteer mulberries, seedling oaks, or any new plum suckers, our tree totals are as follows:

12 oaks
1 red oak
4 pines
3 peaches
2 apples (plus 3 apple seedlings)
4 figs
5 elderberries
3 plums
2 pecans

These trees will bring us to 44 trees on our little half acre. 47 if the apple seedlings survive. Over 70 if the seeds I planted all sprout and live. I'll be adding some more elderberry trees in the spring while I plan for bushes, herbs, and vines as mentioned. I'm also prepping beds for annuals, which will focus mainly on okra, green beans, corn, and grains for the chickens. That sounds like a whole lot of trees, but there's plenty of space for all the other things. A half acre is a lot of land to plant on.


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Thanks @pennsif! 💚

Soooo basically that's 12 fruit trees and a few elder bushes and two pecans, I assume still babies?

My late grandmother and grandfather had a small village garden plot of about 900 sqm, so 0.22 acres? They had like 30 well grown fruit trees in there. We're talking 50 kilos of apples per tree size. That was besides the 100 sqm grapevines in vineyard style rows, a bungalow and fireplace and carport, and every free spot that was not a narrow path was planted with vegetables and flowers.

So yeah, I think you have plenty of space left and you should look into smaller fruit bushes that grow well in your area to fill the niches between the fruit trees and plenty of herbs for underneath them. And after you have those layers established, ground would be much more shaded and suitable for strawberry ground cover! :)

That's like a ton and a half of apples! 😍

So much space, everywhere. I'm just meditating lately on how to best make use of it all. There's only one baby pecan tree out front, and I want to plant corn out there too. The blackberries are propagating well, so I should have plenty more of them next year.

Right, but they were different fruit trees! I don't remember all, but there were apples, pears, cherries, sour cherries, peaches, apricots, plums, figs, mulberry, walnut, hazelnut, almond and I'm sure I'm missing something! Gramps was a big supporter of the "what do you mean I can't plant another tree" school of thought!

I like your grandfather a lot :)

I'm wondering if I want a small vineyard like you said he had. With some kind of herbs and animal fodder growing underneath... 🤔 Got my wheels turning now.

That white panel fence is a perfect location for 10-20 stumps of cordoned grapes! Simple to do and you already have the infrastructure to support the whole thing in place!

Here's some inspiration!

Only 12 fruit trees! These new ones will make 20, which sounds much more reasonable.

That's pretty awesome! You should have someone do a drone flyover and get a before pic and then track your progress.

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Hey, are u using coinbase or coinbase pro? Coinbase has high fee and worse rates while pro gives better rates with negligible fees.

I've got both, but I just used coinbase for this. Didn't know there was a difference. I could have maybe bought another tree if I'd known.

Oh well, next time!

That's just awesome, congratulations!