Cannabis Photography - Death Star

in photography •  2 months ago 






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Looks nicely dried and cured. Not too closely trimmed. If it was organic (or really flushed well) I bet it tasted delish :) Thanks for sharing.

apprec the feedback! because i know you've got an eye for quality on this stuff

That bud must of been bomb, for you to break out a photo sesh! lol I fell yah, sometimes its so good, you just want to cherish it for as long as you can. Well luckily for us block chain people, we have a platform that hosts our images for ever!

i liked the name lol

Yeah, that's some kill! Nice shots man.

Looks quite nice, I love death star strain. Mught be my favourite stsr wars strain

i think this was first one i've come across, what are some others?

skywalker OG, master Jedi, and Yoda are the ones I have heard of I imagine they have way more

Hahah true, there are literally millions of strains! Almost every amateur and professional grower at some point pollinates plants and decides it must be some new and exciting strain, and give it a name that only makes sense to them and their buddies like "john's fucked up old car".... so if you can think up a name, somebody has already used it! I bet there's a Baby Yoda x Your Mom x My Mom x Princess Leia x Jabba the Hutt

O yeah, To try them all would take 5 life times than you might need 5 more by that time cause I bet 10 new ones come put a day haha

i want to try them all!

I need to have some this 👀👀👀👌👌👌

Tasty look buds.