Trees care for the sick trees in their community..... The hidden life of trees by Peter Wohlleben

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Trees talk to each other. You might have already seen a few articles on this in the past years, as the idea is slowly spreading now.

Maybe we are on a journey to find out what is common knowledge by, for example the Yawanawa people: that once the plants, animals, humans could speak with each other.

Peter Wohlleben is a forester and in his book beautifully explains how trees support the sick in their community, how webs of underground fungi become highways of information and nutriets and how the trees we put aside our roads have become 'streetkids', cut off from family and society, usually not growing very old.

There is a whole magic world inside our forests and we really should take more effort to care for them. Not just because like us they care for their sick, but because they care for us as well.

The hidden life of trees, Peter Wohlleben