Gentle Waves Of Transformation!

in #poetry9 days ago


The words coming rushing out,
words to break down barriers,
to open up everything we sought to hide.
I slip into the comfort of these sounds,
of spells,
that seek to re-engage and reconnect,
finding balance,
as we dive into these murky waters
flooded with emotions,
that break us free of age old fears!

Diving deep,
whole worlds,
beneath the layers,
we choose to leave exposed.

I resurface and take a breath
The air so sweet,
my senses heightened,
by the spiral of life that exists within me.

I let it wash through me,
cleansing and reinvigorating me,
bringing me closer to who I am
these gentle waves of transformation
carrying me to shore.

Broken patterns
fall away
and I am reborn.
I step out of the limitations,
that had me in chains before!