Purple Kush Cannabis Strain Review - 2020 - Another Purple Strain

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Another Purple Strain For You Purple & Kush Connoisseurs

Are you a huge cannabis connoisseur? I know I am or at least think that way anyway. With pink Kush and purple Kush, you got some sweet colours to smoke. Well, just joking on that one, but I am one of the biggest fans of pink Kush but I have only really had the chance to smoke purple Kush twice in my life.

Purple Kush

When it comes to purple Kush the genetics are from some of the best well-known strains. The Kush part of this strain comes from one of the original Kush strains called Hindu Kush.

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Hindu Kush is one of the Landrace strains that has some of the purest Indica genetics. The Hindu Kush name comes from one of the mountains around Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Now when it comes to the Purple cross of this strain, it is quite a different story as it happens to come from another Landrace strain that was bred with itself till the breeders got the stable genetics that got us the strain you know today.

With the Two Cross of Hindu Kush and Purple Afghani, you end up with one of the purest Indica strains. With an Indica strain this heavy and pure it is truly not meant for inexperienced smokers.

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For the cannabis strain review, I like to use 4 groups that include Taste, Smell, Looks and Buzz to give a final score and My Opinion on the strain.

Looks 8

With some of the purplest hues mixed in with the perfect amount of green, you end up with one of the dankest strains. I really enjoy the way this flower shows off the packed trichomes that are bred from the parents.

Smell 9

Bam! That is the honest feeling you end up getting when you open a jar of this purple kush. With a strong earthy, piney smell that has a very small hint of fruit. as a result, from personal experience, I can say this is one of the earthiest smelling strains that I have ever had the chance to smell.

Taste 9

When you think of the taste of cannabis you would think it earthy? Well, I have to say with this strain, it is about 90% of mixed pine as well as a fruity aftertaste. As a result, you end up with a pinny fruity mix to make for a smooth smoke.

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Buzz 10

Looking to get rocked off your ass? Maybe you just want a couch lock kind of day! Let me tell you purple Kush, one hell of a go-to strain, It has some of the best pain relief I have had in any cannabis strains I have had the chance to try.

In conclusion, I will have to say that purple Kush is one of the heaviest Indica strains. With the perfect mix of purple Afghani and Hindu Kush, you end up with some of the best Indica. This purple Kush gets a good 9 to 9.25 out of 10 for the final score.

Are you a fan of purple strains or maybe even Kush strains? I have done another review on a purple strain if you are interested in that, The Purple train wreck review was moved over from Weedcash.network.

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