Monkey B Teaching Livity In The Caribbean

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Sakana has become very self-confident in this year abroad. We usually hold a meditation every evening where we try chat about some real issues. She's now become so confident she tries to reason with the boy across the street in the evenings, but his mind is full of video game violence.

Sakana Teaches Livity

author: @JustinParke

     In showing the girls a bit of my culture, I have been reasoning with them in the evenings for the last 4 years. For children of such young ages, they know a lot about the human condition and the human spirit. Sakana has understood words like "independent" and "freedom" in her native language from the age of 3. I've always talked to her like an adult, and this has created a unique little warrior.

     She has a genuine love of all living things, and she's trying to reason with the boy across the street about why we should love animals. I caught up with them mid-conversation, but I still got some classic new Suri-Khmer patois being created on the streets here in Paramaribo.

     When I say hold a meditation, I mean it in the Caribbean sense, not the eastern way. This conversation I filmed is a perfect example of her being light years beyond her peers. Those within the Caribbean understand what "hold a meditation" means, but it's definitely a hard concept to grasp for eastern cultures, as the word "meditation" is used for something very different.


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You daughter humble fi real, she learn the Irie ways. How the situation over there now.

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Well, the rebel leader is amassing Haitian mercenaries for a possible assault on the hydroelectric dam. Inflation is 110%, the stores on longer even put prices on items because they're tired of changing the stickers every three days. Things don't look good, and I can't see how this isn't going to end up like Venezuela. The Surinamers all have transport and liquid cash, so they're scooting around the country stocking up for corona and civil war. But we're on foot, live day to day, and not native to here. It's all overwhelming, and we're thinking about trying to illegally get to French Guiana before possible fighting and elections. At least there we can attempt EU asylum. This video is now the last normal memory we have of our life here.

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