Felt Cute. Might Do Wild Shit Later, IDK

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Legs covered in mud that probably kept the poison ivy off. Drinking water from the creek (yeah, filtered). Finding new places. Moving in new ways. Overcoming obstacles, both physical and mental. Cuts, scrapes, and bruises too.

All part of my rewilding path so far

@burntoblog: I wonder if you could track down the owners of this place and get them to pay you to manage this place.
Me: Why? I'm gonna do it anyways.
Btb: 'Cause then you don't need your job and can be out here all the time.
Me: 🤯 #newplan

Also from BTB

We found a new spot on Monday after being out shooting, smoking, drinking, and talking all night on Sunday. @burntoblog got a couple hours of shitty sleep, and I got nada. All good though, we were doing tribe shit that really needed done. Regenerative deprivation.

We went to the woods the normal route. I showed him the swimming hole and spa and the three spots I'm actively working at. Then down to the Beaver dam, which I didn't want to pass because of the fleas on the far ledge. I've gotten them on me every time I've been there, and there's not much in this world that I hate more than fleas. BTB suggested going around the other side of the dam by the peach tree. Sure enough, no fleas! New paths were paved, and new places were accessed. Lots to think on, but not much to act on yet. I'm pretty well stocked with chores in my one area right now. I've only got two to six hours a week that I can count on there.

The Dam

Last week's work was finding three wild peach trees and clearing the thorns off of them to use as an erosion guard by the creek.


Note how far that nearest peach tree springs up when freed of the thorny vines. If they were a productive plant, I'd think twice about cutting them so drastically.


The retention stakes were almost hard to find, but the beaver dam had em. I gathered a few beyond my need because there'll certainly be more of the same type of project. The goal is to catch sediment and leaf litter to build soil and slow down water. I forget which OG permie it was that said something like when you slow down water, you support life. Probably Geoff Lawton, but I don't recall. That's the idea here: slow things down a bit and let em soak in instead of washing everything off the edge.


There's the ladder (complete with nails) and the big bag of trash I packed out. Before the ladder, I was having to swing around a little ledge. It was easy enough to go that route, but was contributing a little too much to erosion. Eventually that path wouldn't be usable. This fixes that and gives me an opportunity to work with some native materials.

I wonder if I could really get paid to do this...

What would something like this be called as a formal occupation? Wildcrafting? Wildscaping? Naturescaping? Natural management? Interesting to think about... Maybe one day... Until then, I can post about it on steem and get paid that way.

All action for the good of all.


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I like that one for sure. :)

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Thanks for stopping by @hafizullah!

This sounds like into the wild but less dramatic; without the ( poisonous ) mushrooms and a digital diary. Inspiring stuff!

Much less dramatic! Hopefully it stays that way. Though there was a nice storm and flood while I was out a couple weekends ago. That was refreshing and a blast to observe and work through.

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That would be such a perfect job for you! But doing it just to do it is pretty awesome in its own right. And it sounds like so much fun!

I really enjoy being out there.

Not sure how that'd work as far as pay. $X a month? Per trip? Performance based? How would any of it be measured? If I were to seek payment though, I'd likely need to stop now and go after it. Which isn't happening :)

Maybe on a different place, after I've learned a bit about what I'm doing. I'm still super new to this approach.

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@nateonsteemit, It's reflecting as you've went for a Jungle Exploration session.

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Yessir, I like to make a little post about my forest adventures every weekend. :)

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Enjoy your forest adventures.

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Looking at your crouched posture I seriously imagined you're having a wild shit! Very healthy as well! 😂

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Hahaha! I should. I'll try it out next time :)

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