How has Steem impacted my life? {Musings & Vegetables}

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Happy weekend my friends! Of course I am on cloud nine as usual on a Saturday after visiting the farmers market and loading up once again for the week ahead. I thought with my veggie-powered momentum I would jump in on the extended initiative from @theycallmedan to share a bit how blogging on the Steem blockchain has impacted my life. As always of late, the awesome @steempress allows me to post right from my home site to my Steem blog, making it even easier to reach the wonderful friends I have in a few different arenas of my life. Might as well throw in some gratuitous vegetable photos as I tell my story. 😉

First off, blogging has given me a platform to shout from the rooftops how amazing my local farmers are in growing nutrient-rich, delicious, and absolutely stunning food. Through the last two and a half years of posting I have developed an even closer relationship with my farmers that I might not have if I didn't get so excited to jump on and share their goods. This Romanesco broccoli is something I probably wouldn't have touched a few years ago because I was too intimidated to work with it, but now I search out the most interesting produce to find new ways to cook it and share with you all! I must really give a big thanks to @lenasveganliving and her #fruitsandveggiesmonday initiative as that's where I really "cut my teeth" and learned how to become a better photographer and recipe developer.

As I have worked on my presentation skills, it has continued to give me an even deeper appreciation for the food that is on my plate and where it comes from. Of course as a personal trainer and nutrition coach I try to stay up to date on my knowledge in the field, but having a place to share with like-minded people keeps that passion alive even more than just reading the latest research and books and moving to the next one without really reflecting on what I've learned. Between finding my first vegan community on Steem that I've developed life long friendships in, engaging with the other awesome runners all over the world, and finally embracing the fact that the foods that I prepare and share are in fact @naturalmedicine I have grown a lot through the experiences I've had these last few years.

My experiences have been as varied as the many fractals of my current vegetable muse. Though I feel most at home sharing about food and fitness, the friendships I have made have pushed me to take on small leadership roles that I might not otherwise have felt confident enough to take on. While I started off as a weekly entrant to Lena's contest, I've since done a bout hosting through the @vegansofsteemit page and continue on as a fervent supporter and sponsor. I am also proud to be a part of the amazing @yourtop3 team with a few other Steemians that I can't even begin to express how talented they are. We have had a blast growing our little family to create a truly fantastic monthly contest that only continues to improve and thrive!

I feel stronger and more confident in many ways that extends beyond the screen. I'm about to host the fourth edition of my seasonal plant-based nutrition series at the studio where I work here in Atlanta. I have had such great feedback so far, and it inspires me to try to continue to step outside of my introverted comfort zone to find new opportunities to spread the inspiration to cook wholesome, plant-focused meals for any lifestyle. Finding my voice through my posts has definitely helped me find my style and rhythm in the opportunities I've had to present in person. I think I've always felt like the health and wellness field is so saturated that I would just be drowned out, but I have come to realize that my passion and knowledge are valuable. As one of my dear clients has told me on numerous occasions, I'm only cheating people out of the opportunity to learn by not sharing my decade-long reservoir of research and experience.

Definitely not going to juggle these beauties--they're worth more Steem than I'll make on this post to chance dropping them. 😜

I'm still very much learning how to juggle my time online and offline, as I do really enjoy interacting with my Steem pals! I have had to draw some boundaries and give up a few things I have held dear, but the universe has things in store that I never dreamed. As with other times in life, I've (re)learned that sometimes by letting go of some things you allow the space for other new things to enter. Growing and learning isn't always easy and pain-free, but it is almost always worth it in the end!

I'm looking forward to continuing the journey, meeting even more new people from all over the world, and sharing plenty more gratuitous photos of fruits and vegetables. Or whatever else strikes my fancy. Because I've also learned that I can share whatever I'm passionate about at the moment. Sure I have my niche, but we all have varied interests and passions so I'll continue to write about menstrual cups or anything else I'm excited about at the moment! Which reminds me of one of the other ways I've been impacted by Steem--share what excites you and forget about always having to perform for an audience. Chances are your audience appreciates a peek behind the curtain, anyway....

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Look at that huge brassica!!! If that doesn't make you wanna eat veggies, I don't know what does!!!! Love this post, love you, so glad steem impacted you enough to stay!

Haha, right? They are at least so interesting and different it makes you at least want to give it a taste! I'm so grateful for the many friends I have made along this journey, yourself very much included on that list. As much as it is hard to find that balance (if it even exists, haha), I know as long as my peeps are here I will always work to find some time to check in and engage with all of you and your fascinating content. 💚

It's been amazing getting to know you and work with you on @yourtop3 with @foxyspirit and @cheese4ead over the last year or so! I feel like we're just getting started with it as well and it can be a real attraction to bring more folks in and talk about their favourite things 😀

It's great to see how you've blossomed as a person as well from reading this blog. There's a lot to be said about being yourself and sharing what you like... Probably something I don't do enough of seeing as it's music or travel posts - may have to raise the curtains a little (but not too high, that might give people nightmares 🤣)

Keep on the awesome path! Catch you in Top 3 😁

Raise the curtains! Raise the curtains!

Haha, well I know there's a lot more underneath those curtains than just your pale Englishman legs. 😉 It truly has been a blast working on the contest and just having our little family to support one another through all of life's ups and downs. Shoot you've even gotten me brushing up my spreadsheet skills! Looking forward to even more fun ahead!

It is actually kind of nice to throw in a post like this. Makes you realize how far you've come and celebrate the journey a bit. It is a nice little promotion for Steem, as well. Lets people see the faces and human element of the blockchain. 💚

I think you've taken to this crazy corner of the internet like a house on fire and if we could have 1000 more like you this place would be rocking. Been enjoying learning more about how I'm not eating like I should, going to come in handy as I get older and can't pull off just using football to cover up my bad eating habits lol

If you were a veggie, you'd be a cute-cumber

Aww, what an awesome comment @chekohler! Thank you so much for that. And of course I'm even happier if I've inspired you to toss a few more veggies on your plate here and there. The people of Steem really are quite amazing in all of the unique talents, knowledge and viewpoints they bring. I'm so thankful to continue to learn and grow through the interactions I have on here!

It looks so weird. What does it taste like?

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Pretty interesting, isn't it? It's in the broccoli family, but I'd say it's a little bit closer to cauliflower in the taste. Though it is much more mild, and almost slightly sweet. I think I'm going to do some raw in a salad and also roast some for a garnish on a soup, so it is a pretty versatile veggie. If you ever come across it definitely give it a try!

Such a great post! Since I’m new here on Steemit I’m looking forward to reading more of your posts. I feel very inspired and you have beautiful pictures 🙂

Happy to see you come on board! After reading your yoga post, I am very much looking forward to reading more of your experiences, as well. There are a lot of wonderful, inspiring people on here to interact with, so I have no doubt you'll find many interesting people as you continue your journey on Steemit!

This is such an interesting question and, I think you've nailed it: people and learning. I could not agree more about getting to know people - like you - in ways that other social media don't allow. I have met/am meeting some very interesting and inspiring people here and whose perspectives are stretching mine.

I love that we all have eclectic interests about which we may not write, but about which we engage through, e.g. @yourtop3 and other places where we might meet in the steemiverse.

Like you, I have to have boundaries, and also like you, it's not been all sweetness and light but, I guess, that's life. In the virtual and real worlds.

So glad to have met you - thanks to Steemit.

@theycallmedan was definitely on to something with this one! I'm also very happy he chose to extend it so that many of us slowpokes have the opportunity to add our experiences to the table. You see many of the same themes running through these posts, but then each of us has our own unique perspective to add, as well.

You hit on one of the things that I have been very appreciative on here more so than any other social media platform--for the most part it is much more forgiving when you do need a break for life or aren't able to engage as much for any reasons. As much as Steem (and Discord) can be a bit addicting, I know when I need some time away my pals will still be there when I get back!

Very happy to have you as a friend, Fiona! I'll think of you fondly as I break out my Wonderbag for another round today. 😊

Since I'm not overly active on Steemit and in many discord channels except one, I might have missed this.

Very happy to have you as a friend, Fiona!


break out my Wonderbag for another round today

You do know that they are recognised / certified by the UN as a project where people can buy carbon credits for GHG offsets? I'm still researching projects for my client and this remains one of my preferred ones because of its multiple benefits, not least of which is job creation and women empowerment.

Always a pleasure to see your posts on here and cool you can cross post them directly onhere with Steempress

I have never seen Romanesco broccoli it does look intimidating but also so cool a natural work of art

Finally figuring out Steempress definitely helps keep me active in multiple spheres. I think it's a really valuable tool to get people onboarded, as if they already have a WordPress blog it's a no-brainer to cross post on Steem!

I was so excited to go to the market yesterday when I knew the Romanesco was making an appearance. Such a fun veggie to photograph and work with in the kitchen. Even better that it is tasty AND very nutritious. :)

I always said I was not a blogger, I did try a Wordpress blog but i never really used it I think I only did one post, but for those who have one its great to be able to use steempress I am sure

Iit sure is photogenic and interesting for sure

That is the most stunning beautiful broccoli I have ever laid eyes on, great photography presenting this vegetable.

Having met so many interesting people here it does keep you a tad longer than some days it should.

Now I don't do foodies and selfies at all, a lovely recipe I share normally in comment links like this. That amazing cauliflower and broccoli, take equal portions and steam, allow to cool once steamed. Mix half mayonnaise and half fresh plain yogurt together, (if you wish a teaspoon of mustard for change in flavour). Pour mayo/yogurt mix over cauliflower/broccoli broken into sprigs in a bowl, allow to chill for a lovely summer salad.

Isn't it just lovely? I couldn't help trying to get multiple angles to try to really do it justice in all its splendor!

Always love some yummy ideas! Though it is winter here, a salad is always welcome on my table. 😊

Congratulations @plantstoplanks!
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Cool! Might be the first time I've made the payout ranking top 10. Thanks for the heads up @arcange!

Hey babe! You rock! Awww, I was just reminiscing about the time I found you while I was upvoting the whole vegan tag section haha and invited you to be part of Vegan Wednesday! You came in with such amazing content and gusto, I have always been a super fan of you and love seeing that you're here, kicking butt and showing everyone how great plant based living is! <3

(I love the alien broccoli as I call it!)

Totally agree about sharing content that you're passionate about. People often used to message me and ask me about my "success" on here and that was what I always said, just post about what you care about, else why are you doing it? You're a shining example of that and I love your posts! <3
Happy new year my dear!

You have definitely always let your passion show, which is what myself and so many others find endearing about you! It has been a wonderful journey, and the people met are definitely the best part of it! Happy to have you back around again to continue spreading the good vibes and yummy plants into the Steemisphere and world beyond!

Thanks love, you're so sweet! It's fun to have some extra time to come back and join in the community again! Happy to be back and love seeing you here! <3

You have lovely life and i felt very happy for you.. And you are just showing us how to created that. I got my inspration from you and your images.. You have created the most unique style for yourself and i believe that's why you are so successful..
I also want to blogging on the Steem and improve my life in positive ways.. From now on i will follow your post and try to take lessons and insprations from you. Thank you very much again.. 🙏🙏

Well thank so much for those kind words @buraksivas! Nice to make your acquaintance. It definitely took a while to build, but it is well worth the effort to find your home on Steem! Lots of wonderful communities around that I'm sure you can find a few you enjoy to make your experience on here even more valuable. :)

And you forget hosting the Abundance meditation Challenge in the mindful life discord ;>)

That broccoli looks like a piece of art, so beautiful I wouldn't know if I could eat it.

Keep being the awesome you that you are


Yesss! I know I missed a lot on this post, but tried to get at least the sentiment down of how grateful I have been for the experience on here! Thank you for adding your positive energy to make it even better! 💚

That Romanesco broccoli looks like it should be decorated with Christmas lights and ornaments!

This is a great journey you've shared. Back in college - a few hundred years ago it seems - I studied how communication impacts human culture and society, and to this day still love seeing the benefits and democritisation that modern technology can bring us. Sure, it might just flood us with cat gifs, but no one can deny the benefits it can bring to allow people to share their voice.

Haha, it does kind of look like a fancy version of one of those ceramic trees that you plug in, minus the lights. ;)

There are definitely plenty of cons to go along with the pros, but I totally agree that I have very much enjoyed finding my own voice. And my squad of peeps. I don't mind the cat gifs, either, haha!

That's a behemoth if I ever saw one!

A beautiful beast of a vegetable! We finished it off today after eating it for the last 4 days. :)

You have been 🙏 curated by @njord

Much appreciated @njord!

You are very lovely as you hold that uniquely shaped Romanesco broccoli! First thing I thought of was "Fibonacci sequence spiral!"

Math infused vegetables. Who would have thought?!😀

You mentioned the your comments that it tastes somewhere between cauliflower and broccoli. Mmmm! Can't wait to see what you create using it!

Through the years, I've enjoyed stopping by your virtual kitchen to grab a bite @plantstoplanks and I credit #FruitsandVeggiesMonday for introducing us.
Keep up the great work!💫

Thanks for popping by my kitchen once more! You are spot on with the fusion of math and veggie on this one. I always loved math, so maybe that's why I'm particularly drawn to this one.

Fruits and Veggies has brought so many of us together! Very thankful to Lena for keeping the show going and allowing us all to find kindred foodie spirits all over the globe. :)

That Romanesco is epic! Well said Katie! I am very grateful we connected on this platform and I wish you lots of success in the future here and outside of Steemit as well 💚🌿💚

Alas, we have finished our last bites of that beautiful veggie! If that is all for the year, at least we enjoyed it well, haha! I wish you all the same Lena! 💚

Oh well, that's what is for, lol. But you have beautiful photos too 💚🌿💚

Hi! Speaking of how steem impact my life, I went to grocery shopping the other day and bought this beautiful broccoli too because I saw someone post it on steem. Then I forgot to follow you because I have no idea how to cook it. Glad this post appears again on my feed through @naturalmedicine. Nice to meet you.

Oh yay! It's a wonderful vegetable. So glad you got one yourself. I need to do my update post on how I used it this time, but I used it once again raw chopped up in a salad with part of it, then the other half I cut into florets and roasted in the oven. It was so good roasted I stood there and just ate it right off the pan! So happy to meet you, as well. Lots of wonderful people joining in the Nat Med tribe lately, so it's great to see the family growing!

love this post,dear

Thank you! So glad you enjoyed it!