Growing Acceptance For Psychedelic Mushrooms

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Previous studies have suggested that psychedelic mushrooms and cannabis are possibly the safest drugs in the world.

From microdosing having the alleged potential to help unlock creativity, treat depression, addiction, and more, further recent research on magic mushrooms has helped to increase understanding and ultimately help to grow acceptance today.

Still, researchers say that more research is needed into this area. Even though great progress is still left to be made though, you can find a variety of professionals out there today who celebrate microdosing, as a potentially powerful and valuable healing option.

You can find study participants around the United States today, who are currently engaged in leading medical research involving psychedelic microdosing.

For some of them, these experiences can truly be life-changing.

In the UK, scientists have experimented with using the active ingredient from magic mushrooms, psilocybin, on a number of research volunteers, they found that it had caused no serious side effects or problems.

Overall, they noticed that the participants had maintained normal cognition and emotional functions as a result of taking the psilocybin.

From prompting further introspection, to helping individuals battle addictions, the potential for psychedelic mushrooms to fuel healing is looking promising.

It is already being referred to as a breakthrough therapy. Just like cannabis, this is a substance that has been demonized for decades and all the while could've been used to provide possible benefit to many.

It is estimated that there are more than 200 species of psychedelic mushrooms out there today.

pic 2 M Reddy via STAT

The information that is posted above is not intended to be used as any substitute for professional medical advice, or diagnosis or treatment. The above is posted for informational purposes only.

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It's really fantastic to see a growing acceptance of psilobins - especially in mental health areas. We are so much more interconnected to the natural world that science or modern medicine understands -- I always loved how mushrooms would show you that message over andover again, as do many plant medicines.

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Microdosing is really starting to become well known. Reason being it works! I would lov3 to see wll these drugs be drimcrimilized. Or reschediling so people can stop taking those nasty anti depressents that do more harm then good.

Btw, weedcash is also a place for psycadelic content. So next post regarding psycadellics, please do use the #weedcash tag, :)

hey thanks for the comment and the sugg with the tag, 😎👍wasn't sure if it fit or not so i'll be sure to include next time 👍

fuck microdosing, that's their way of keeping us from getting real benefit from it and really opening our eyes in a new way. the state's obsession with microdosing should be ignored. yes, some people need less than others, but the way they imply that only tiny amounts are healthy/safe/useful is wrong.

the state doesn't have an obsession with microdosing, they have an obsession with trying to prevent access to this substance entirely

If someone is entirely new to a substance, there could be great risk in them taking a large amount of the substance, no matter what that substance is if they aren't familiar with how their body might react. If someone wants to jump right in and consume large amounts, go for it, but to shame people who might want to go a little slower and try smaller doses to see what works with them? No reason at all to shame that. Not everything is a gov conspiracy.