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We don't know who's to blame for such a kind of life. If you will see thoroughly what you observe in the surroundings. Perhaps life could be. Imagine, someone can sleep nicely while someone can't because they don't have a house. Someone is eating delicious food like meat, fresh fish and rich vegetables. On the other hand, they're able to eat meals 3 times a day. If they can, they only have salt as their viand food. To say it precisely, why are there rich and poor?

Without a doubt, life is not fair from a single perspective but life is not like that. I remember the conversation with my friend some time ago. You can never tell a person not smart for a single reason only. There are those who are smart in mathematics. Some are smart in the English language. Some are smart about life strategies. In summary, you can not predict a situation by a single reason only. You should look at many reasons first before concluding.

Life is fair if you'll try to understand what's happening. Maybe there are indeed those people who are wealthy. They have money. They can have everything that they want. If you will just focus on one thing based on their life status. No one will argue that they are lucky to have a wonderful life. However, there's no assurance that they have the best life. We don't know if they really are happy with that kind of life.

On the other hand, there are those who are in poverty. They have nothing, like money, a stable job, and a beautiful house. They can't eat delicious food. They can't have what they want because they don't have money. They want to go to school but they can't because they can't support it financially. Of course, people will think they have the worst life. However, there's a question behind that poor life. Aren't they happy? We all know that happiness can't be bought with money. Maybe they can buy something for them to consider if they are happy. It's just that there's no assurance that's real happiness.


That two life status that I just stated is just examples. Those are just circumstances in life but we can never fully understand if we are not the one who has them. Maybe we thought they had a perfect life but we thought wrong. They have an imperfect life but again we thought wrong. If we understand the other impact of it. We can't tell that it is unfair. You want to sing but you don't have the talent. We must understand that everything in life has a reason. You can't sing but other people envy you because you're good at dancing.

Life is fair if we will not just focus on one thing. There will always be a purpose in your existence. How it can be unfair when you're full of happiness. What makes you think you're not lucky when there is that one thing it's only you that have. How come it's unfair when you have a healthy life and can live longer? What else do you need when you can do what you want even though you don't have a stable job? What is the reason for living if you chain yourself with money?

That's why whatever life you are having right now. Always think that we're lucky because we have the chance to enjoy it. It's just us who makes things worse by thinking we don't have enough. It's us who hurt ourselves by thinking life is unfair. It will never be unfair once we will learn to accept that this is the kind of life we have right now. Believing life is unfair because we refuse to do something to change it. Remember that it's us who decide what we want to be. Just double the effort and stop blaming.

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