How to 'Stake' (Power Up) Your Lotus Coin

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So many tokens! At first, I was overwhelmed. There was new lingo to get on top of - what does 'stake' mean? Where do I 'claim' my tokens? What is Steem Engine? After a while, you realise it's fairly easy, but that's like anything, right? It's easy when you know how! This post will walk you through claiming and staking your tokens so that you can earn LOTUS and help others earn this great social coin for the Natural Medicine community!


Firstly, you want to make sure your tokens are 'claimed'. That's easy to do on the front end, but you can do it on Palnet or too. It doesn't really matter, but if you're going to power up (stake) it's easier if you are using I have this book marked on my browser and saved on the front screen of my phone for easy access. All you need to do is go to your wallet and click 'ALL IN ONE CLAIM'. That will 'claim' any tokens so you can then power up.

The highlighted green tokens are the ones that I have been airdropped or that I have earnt. The first number is the number I have yet to power up. The second number is the amount I have powered up.

What you need to do is move your LOTUS balance to LOTUS POWER. Unless you have staked it, you can't earn rewards through curating. It's a good idea to 'lotus up' at least once a week so your upvotes can support good natural health content.

All you need to do is click the little down arrow to get the drop down list, and click 'STAKE'.

This will then take you to this screen. If you just click on the highlighted green number (in my case, zero, as I've already powered up).

You will then be asked to confirm your transaction - in my case, I'm using KeyChain on my browser, and my keys are stored in there. This makes it a very quick and easy process!

Any questions? Let us know, or drop into the Discord for further help!

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My other account upvotes and lot of naturemedicins content and the creators you highlight.
I wanted to buy some Lotus tokens at SE but its 50 steem pr lotus xD
Thats a lot :D

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Can never have enough practical how-tos. :) This was a good one. The biggest question is always gonna be the WHY one tho.

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Leading the curation trail for both @ecotrain & @eco-alex.
Together We’re Making This World A Better Place.

Click Here To Join the manually curated trail "@artemislives" to support quality eco-green content.


If I've come to the wrong place, my apologies, and please help me find the right place to ask what I may have done wrong when I tried to Power Up. Went to the wallet, selected Power Up, typed in $200.000, entered password, and suddenly the window was closed, but my wallet showed the 200 had vanished and presumably went into SP. I did this in order to turn my lowly one-cent upvote (it had been two cents not long ago - whassup with that) to something more than a dust vote. So I checked and ended up even more confused:
I am still puzzling over my upvote. I clicked on a mysterious icon and got this cryptic pop-up:

I know, #naturalmedicine is not the first place anyone would look for information of Powering Up, but you did show up in my search.
Thank you for referring me to whoever can explain what looks so obvious to everyone else (i.e., does this show that my upvote will be 0.07 now....?).

Yes. I saw "Lotus Coin." And I recall having been "Lotused" for accidentally misusing your hashtag in a post about @owaso's post which had used #naturalmedicine. But yours is the most recent post (I did try several others) to show up in my search. (Yes. I hate sounding like such a doofus.)

P.S. I tried to join you at Discord, but that too somehow failed to materialize.
Moreover, I had to quit Discord. It's overwhelming. I almost never go there anymore.

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@carolkean sorry to miss above messages. I will respond to this later ..just saw it! @riverflows 😘

Just quickly... I am not familiar with steemnow. I power up steem on Steempeak, and Lotus on


Thanks, and no need to reply at all - I'm just looking for links to the right sources of information. As for, it shows you the power of your upvote and warns you when you fall to 90% and how many hours to wait before voting agin. I'll bet you already knew that. There's no way I knew something you didn't.

aha, the little icon is our Upvote Calculator!
And I''m confused. I still my 100% upvote = one cent, but the calculator shows it to be 6.99%. Why was I born without math skills Can this old dog learn new tricks

Steempeak and Partiko (and others) always stop me in my tracks,
wanting PERMISSIONS to do this and that in my account. No.
Apps terrify me.
So, I'm app-less, hapless, but guarding my illusion of privacy and control.