Auragraph For A Gal Who Needs To Surrender Her Old Way For A New...Use It!

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Oracle Reading


You are confused, and have fear of financial insecurity, because the solution you have been seeking to your obstacles has been bad habits but that way of life has to end for you to find FREEDOM.


Your Guardian stands in front of a mountain range with the Sunset behind Her. Your old way is ending and a new way is beginning – it has to be so during this time. We can no longer depend on human solutions now we must turn to God.

Your Guardian is doing a healing on your left eye and brain and opening up your third eye and the back of your head is being filled with Power – your brain is being rewired by the Holy Spirit. There is a Monarch Butterfly in the lower left hand corner. The left is the receiving side. The heart on the Guardian mimicks the shape of the butterfly wings. You get your recharge from the Mountains and make sure you get outside in Nature regularly right now. Also this INNER MONARCH work is your heart’s calling.

The Butterfly has GREAT significance in the occult (hidden knowledge) world: Using GREEN language - the language of the birds - the MONARCH butterfly - monarch is royalty - inner monarchy vs. external monarchy - freedom vs. slavery - the inner monarch means that I (eye) the THIRD EYE - has dominance over the self - the Self rules the self - and therefore has no need for external govern - ment. The word government means - ment is mind - mind-control - that is either inner or outer -

That is the change that is occurring - you are going from depending on external power to the Great Reality Within to satisfy your spiritual hunger.

A MONARCH Butterfly is either mind-controlled by the "government, a relationship, parents, society, and even by drugs and alcohol - any human solution to a spiritual problem. etc" OR by God. The process of the butterfly is that it starts out as a caterpillar, usually very destructive eating it's way thoughtlessly killing and destroying a multitude in a careless manner - then it builds it's cocoon and goes to sleep for a while and during that time it becomes a big ugly bug and then as it wakes up and eats it's way out of it's own cocoon it is transformed into a beautiful creature - and as with the monarch - that migrates - flies hundreds of miles in it's lifetime - bringing light and beauty wherever it goes- symbolically it is the human process as well - and an ENLIGHTENED butterfly brings GREAT energy and power - raising the frequency on the planet.

It seems your Guardian is in the process of bringing you into that work through opening your third eye. I would recommend Meditation and Prayer:

Direction for Meditation and Prayer

The solution is that you let God be the Director of your life, then things will go much better for you, because you will always know what to do because you will be guided by a Power greater than you that has your best interest in mind for the Highest Good of all concerned.

A good place to start would be MEDITATION and PRAYER. Start with a few minutes of silent meditation in the morning and at night - and increase it as you can. You can count backward from 25 and try to see the numbers in your head- this will block other thoughts from coming in. The purpose
of meditation is to get out of the ego self and into the observer self so that you are no longer attached to ideas that you believe are real… and you can get into the silence - this does take practice. Yoga can
help with this as well. Breathing into your stuck points in your body while doing a stretch can help you find mental silence.

Prayer on the other hand is for throughout the day - and it requires practice to become a working part of your life - Asking at each point when you set out to do something - what is God's Will in this situation?
Pausing and waiting and then looking for the answer in signs or intuition, chance meetings or things that come from outside you to start with ... You can do this with minutia as well as big decisions. Practice at the grocery store when standing in front of the bread isle – there are so many choices - God, what kind of bread should I buy? and then pause and wait to see which bread seems right. It takes practice. The finite mind is not going to want to give up it's status as the ruler - so it might be confusing and frustrating but the more you practice the more it will become a working part of the mind...

Even making mistakes shows you are trying and you will get great rewards
from that -

Acknowledging these miracles - by writing them down - makes them more and more believable - not something to be brushed off as "coincidence" - or not even noticed -

In addition, during this "crisis" we are in - you could Pray for a simple way you could be helpful to others - and for the ability to let go of the results - you do not know what is best for others - but you
can be helpful to them in some way -

This will get you out of yourself and let the Higher Power have a chance to work out the right decision for you - so that you will know what to do when you need to know it...

I am going to make a Talisman for you to help you during this time - and you let me know if you would like a different one...



“I surrender to God’s will for me, and all is well.”

I am using the same image over and over for everyone's sigils because it is working and I believe that will help give power to the symbol in the collective unconscious.

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